Technology Write For Us (Submit A Guest Article) – IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Technology Write For Us (Submit A Guest Article) – IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Technology Write For Us to Tech Updates Pro is a platform for upcoming bloggers to showcase their talent by providing well-researched articles on Technology, Business, Applications, Marketing, Gadgets, Product reviews. We are providing write for us to encourage bloggers and give a platform for enhancing their skills.

Guest Bloggers can submit articles on various topics like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Marketing skills etc.

Guest Bloggers can submit their thoughts to Tech Updates Pro through

Topics That We Accept On Tech Updates Pro

You can submit an article related to the following niches Technology, Business, Marketing and Gadgets.

Technology Write For Us Ideas

Business Write For Us Ideas

Marketing Write For Us Ideas

Gadgets Write For Us Ideas

Guidelines To Submit Or Contribute An Article To Tech Updates Pro

Before submitting a  Guest Post, make sure you followed all the guidelines mentioned below :

  • The article must be well-researched and should not replicate articles on SERP; check plagiarism before submitting an article.
  • We don’t accept copyrighted images, so make sure you attached HD images with a resolution of 720*480.
  • We accept articles in Google Doc format or MS-Word format, make sure Headings (H1, H2, H3 and H4) are appropriately aligned.
  • We don’t accept adult content or casino posts. To submit articles related to niches mentioned in this article.
  • The minimum length of the article is 700+, and the maximum is 1000 words for better ranking in Google SERP.
  • We also include Bio if you’re a regular contributor to Tech Updates Pro.

Benefits Of Technology Write For Us To Tech Updates Pro

  • Our site is completely optimized for better rankings
  • Numerous Keywords are ranking on search results
  • We provide backlinks to your site that enhance your website performance.

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions On Contributing A Guest Post

1.What Are The Topics I Should Write?

You can write the topics related to Technology, Business, Marketing, Gadgets, Apps, IoT, Artificial Intelligence etc.

2.What Must Be The Word Count?

Before submitting the article, you need to check the alignment and check the grammatical errors using Grammarly. The word count should be in between 700-1000.

3.What Is The TAT?

After submitting the article to editorial review, our team will get in touch with you, and your article will be live within 24-48 hours.

4.Which Format Should I Submit?

We accept only Google Docs or MS-Word format; for images, you should submit in JPEG format. We also accept infographics.

5.How Long Will My Article Be on Your Site?

If the article is published on our site, it will be lifelong on our site. The link will be removed if you publish the same article elsewhere.

How To Submit The Article

After you satisfy all the guidelines, you can send the article to our editorial team by leaving an email to