Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work From Home

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Work From Home

For decades, many multinationals have allowed their employees to enjoy the benefits of work from home . And more in cases such as the situation generated by the coronavirus, which force us to adapt to it.

According to a Randstad study, 70% of workers would like to telecommute but their companies won’t let them. Even so, and with the data in hand, another Adecco study estimates 1.43 million people who telework in 2018 . Today, the percentage is much higher since large and small companies have opted for this modality after the situation occurred.

In any case, experts do not stop remembering that teleworking is not a ‘prize’ . Few entrepreneurs really know the benefits of working from home. And not just for your employees. Of course, also, although it may not seem like it, it has its disadvantages. Where will the balance tip ?

5 Advantages Of Work From Home For The Worker

  • Telecommuting is not a perfect option, but it allows some people to better reconcile their personal and professional lives. Especially in large cities where travel is time consuming. But it is also an option for those companies with several locations since they can communicate more easily.

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Work-Life Balance

  • Working from home allows us to better combine work and personal life due to a matter of saving time when traveling and greater time flexibility.
  • When we leave the work environment, sometimes contaminated with excessive and unnecessary meetings and multitasking tasks, we are more efficient and perform better
  • Not all companies that allow teleworking have a fixed schedule, many of them set weekly or daily objectives so that the person distributes the time according to their criteria and therefore is more productive . Consequence that becomes an advantage.

Higher Productivity

  • It is proven that when we leave the work environment, sometimes contaminated with excessive and unnecessary meetings and multitasking tasks, we are more efficient and perform better. 
  • The increase in labor productivity is sponsored by greater autonomy to carry out the different tasks and processes that our work requires.

Save Of Time And Money

  • It depends on where we live and where we work, we can save on trips between 5 and 15% of our monthly salary.

Greater Autonomy And Less Stress

  • Being at home gives us access to a less rigid environment, with less tension and more friendly since it is our environment, which undoubtedly leads us to a decrease in work stress. 
  • By having more autonomy we reduce our stress.

The Main Drawbacks Of Work From Home Also Exist

Physical Space

  • By working at home, we are not able to distinguish our work life from our personal life very well, which can cause us to end up working longer hours.
  • Labor relations encourage our creativity, improve communication and we can build long lasting bonds of friendship.
  • In the case of not having a fixed telework schedule, the situation worsens, since the distribution of time can “mix” and get to work even on holidays. Distraction is an aspect to take into account since when you are not alone at home it is easy to get distracted and end up leaving tasks pending from our work.

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Long-Distance Labor Relations

  • It is clear that perhaps it is one of the least attractive points of teleworking, because even if we think that they are not necessary, labor relations promote our creativity, improve communication and we can develop great and lasting ties of friendship.

Risk Of Sedentary Lifestyle

  • There are people who are not very active with teleworking who can see their situation aggravated, because if it is already difficult for them to leave the house and socialize, this can become one more reason to isolate themselves. When we work from home it is more difficult to establish limits .

Tips To Make Work From Home More Productive

  • To successfully achieve adequate productivity and efficiency in the work we do from home, it is necessary to establish a discipline and a series of routines that keep us away from habitual distractions.

Set A Start And End Time: 

  • it is the way we have to control time and disconnect when we have finished the day.
  • Enable a room in the house dedicated to work that is not a common space. The objective is to relate that specific space to work and prevent it from being used by other members of the house. 
  • Furniture determines our way of working and it is important to take care of every detail of our workspace: a large enough table, an adequate and comfortable chair, correct lighting (ideally natural) … etc.

Off-Line Rest Times :

  •  Exhaustion makes us unable to think clearly and resolve situations. It is good to give yourself time to disconnect and divert attention from work. We return with more energy and focus on the task.

Exercise And Stay Active: 

  • Avoid a sedentary lifestyle at all costs. Being at home means that when we finish work we do not have to move, so our physical activity is reduced to the maximum. Going out to exercise, practicing our favorite sport … physical activity keeps us alive and contributes to our physical and mental health.

Dress And Appearance:

  • It is logical that if we do not have to leave the house or see any client or colleague, we are not going to dress and comb our hair as if we were having a meeting, but it is good to always maintain a suitable physical appearance. 
  • Maintain hygiene routines and dress codes appropriate to the situation.

Establish Communication And Not Lose Contact: 

  • Maintaining relationships with colleagues, bosses and collaborators is essential to work, not only for social reasons, but because we need to know other points of view and receive help from outside. Communication is vital to work at home, to nourish ourselves with other opinions
  • In short , teleworking has many advantages but also disadvantages. Now, each one weighs according to his professional and personal situation.
  • More and more companies are modifying their methodologies and work systems, but there is one issue that must receive special attention and be addressed bilaterally.

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