Everything We Know About Apple’s First 5G Smartphone

Everything We Know About Apple’s First 5G Smartphone

In this article, we explained about 5G Smartphone.

There is no doubt that the launch of the new Apple terminals is one of the events that generates the most excitement annually in the world of technology. Despite the efforts of the apple firm, the arrival of its next high-end “5G smartphones”, the presumably iPhone 12 , will occur somewhat later than normal. To a large extent, due to the crisis generated by the pandemic. However, this does not imply that, at this point, we do not know anything about the device.

Although, at the moment, there is no official communication, analysts and specialized media have been leaking information about the new family of smartphones from the Cupertino company for months. In accordance with this, everything indicates that Apple will bet on four models of the terminal that will be differentiated by their specifications. Likewise, for a year all analysts have assumed that they will have 5G connectivity , although it is expected that some family mobiles will arrive before others in stores.

Four Models

  • In principle, of the four terminals that, foreseeably, the apple firm will launch, the most competent will be the iPhone 12 Pro Max . As stated a few months ago by the well-known filter and analyst Jon Prosser, the device will have a 6.7-inch OLED Super Retina XDR screen with Pro Motion and a 10-bit range.
  •  It will house a 6GB RAM and will have three different versions depending on the internal storage (128, 256 and 512GB). Regarding prices, Prosser pointed out that they will vary depending on the internal storage, and will be set at 1,099, 1,199 and 1,399 dollars respectively.
  • The next device in the family is the iPhone 12 Pro . According to Prosser, the terminal will have features quite similar to those of its older brother. The only difference is the screen size, which in this case is reduced to 6.1 inches. Prices will range between $ 999, $ 1,099, and $ 1,299 based on internal storage.
  • Finally, we find the iPhone 12 to dry. That sees its screen reduced to 5.4 inches in diagonal and shares the other characteristics revealed by Prosser with respect to the iPhone 12 Max. Its price would be 649 and 749 dollars depending on the model.

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Camera And Chip

  • Regarding the camera, everything indicates that it will be triple in the most cutting-edge devices; But not many details have been shared about the power of each of the lenses.
  •  In this regard, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the same one who assured a year ago that Apple would not make the jump to 5G until 2020, recently explained that image quality will improve thanks to the addition of ” autofocus “, which will allow focusing much faster than previous models. An improvement in image capture in low light situations is also expected.
  • The heart of the iPhone 12 will be different from what its older brothers have right now. All the leaks suggest that the A14 will be considerably better than the A13 , which, however, already offered great results. Recently, the filter KomiyaLeaks assured on Twitter, in this regard, that the new microprocessor will have 40% more power than the A13 bionic mounted on the current iPhone 11 and the recent iPhone SE .


  • A few weeks ago, Apple was forced to announce that the 2020 Keynote , in which the new iPhone 12 will be announced, will be delayed for a few weeks and, therefore, will not take place in September, as usual. Jon Prosser has recently expressed through Twitter that the apple firm intends to hold the event on October 12 .
  •  Likewise, he has pointed out that two different iPhone 12 models, specifically, the most basic, can be reserved from that same date, but that they will not begin to be sent until the 19th.

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