Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Marketing Mistakes : Marketing, like any other discipline in the company, can also be perfected through learning associated with trial and error as part of learning. What are the mistakes you should avoid to improve your results from now on? 

Most Common Marketing Mistakes

Have a low-quality website

As important as the physical showcase of a store is this virtual area, the reference point consulted by those who want to discover the characteristics of the catalog of products and services. 

The image that visitors or consumers perceive when they arrive at a website that does not offer a pleasant welcome is that of an entity that neglects its brand. And a first impression may have more significance than you imagine.

In relation to this issue, it is also a mistake not to invest in a qualified team to delegate the page design project to competent professionals to take care of it. Although the economic factor is a constant in an organization, quality is a priority.

Reduce your strategy to online marketing

It can be negative for a company not to undertake the process of digital transformation (business intelligence) to adapt to the characteristics of current commerce, as to focus only on the elements of online support for advertising. The influence of these tools is evident, however, it is a frequent failure to neglect the scope of traditional marketing backed by a factor as essential as time.

Advertising in print media is still a form of differentiation widely used today by businesses to present attractive ads of their commercial proposals. In addition, there is a reason why you should not reduce your strategy to online marketing: not all customers buy through the Internet.

Improvise, not have a plan

It is true that you do not have the ability to predict all the variables of the business from the focus of the immediate future, however, you expose yourself to the risk of acting in this way if you have not taken the time necessary to design a previous strategy that lists the sequence of steps to follow in relation to the goal.

This preview of this individualized script is a measure of time management being this temporal factor one of the means that you must optimize in the marketing plan. This error can connect with the own criteria of those who underestimate the importance of promotion in each and every one of the stages of the project.

Marketing appeals to essential questions around the how, why and for what. Questions to which it is not possible to answer from the point of view of the immediacy that arises from permanent improvisation.

Do not invest in content marketing

The blog as a means of communication continues to be a very influential information tool in today’s society. Many prestigious companies use this channel as an expression of closeness to their audience. While there are other advertising models, for example, ads in cinema, which have a high cost only affordable for those who have that investment, content marketing is competitive also for small businesses.

The writing of articles that maintain a coherent editorial line around the essence of the company groups the visual information of images and videos with quality text. However, a frequent mistake of content marketing is to look for immediate positioning in search engines without assessing the need for constancy in the publication of a calendar.

Many customers read information about a product before making a purchase of it. They look for an up-to-date review and quality analysis to document their final decision from reliable sources. Not investing in this type of marketing is as obvious a lack as creating a blog without a line of continuity in the future.

Lack of follow-up

As essential as the actions carried out in this field is to implement a follow-up plan to evaluate the return on investment made and, if possible, check if that purpose has met previous expectations. Thanks to this retrospective look it is possible to identify valuable strengths and points of improvement to learn from them from now on.

It is an obvious mistake to devote weeks and effort to the planning of a strategy to end it at the same moment of its implementation by not making a reading of what happens after having completed each part of the process.

Remove negative comments from social media

People have their own voice to give their opinion of a brand. And in terms of marketing you must keep in mind that it not only matters what is the image that you want to transmit of your business, but also, what is the perception that the usual or potential public has of it. You can get feedback through social networks as a speaker used by those who have a profile there.

If a company receives critical messages on a social network, the best way to respond to that interaction is not through the decision to suppress that content. On the contrary, deleting them will produce an opposite effect to that expected, the more serious the consequences being the more repeated this practice is. 

People can use other channels to tell their experience after what happened. Word of mouth marketing, one that starts from the testimony of a protagonist in his direct environment, acquires a new dimension in a global scenario in which the scope of online communication is greater from the point of view of the impact of its effects.

Therefore, these are some of the possible mistakes in marketing and avoiding them can help you build the foundation of the success of your business from now on. Your main mistake will be to focus only on what are the possible common mistakes that organizations make without identifying what are the weak points observed in the specific case of the entity you manage. This diagnosis is definitive to advance from the particular and not from the general.

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