Characteristics Of Operational Marketing

Characteristics Of Operational Marketing

Operational Marketing : A company can improve its results through innovation in marketing, because when it takes the initiative to create new formulas, it can also drive new opportunities. Marketing can have different ways of materializing. Operational marketing is one that has a primarily tactical approach. What are the properties that describe this term? Below, we list some of these main features.

Practical Vision

This fact is deduced from what is stated in the previous section since this tactical approach leads to the image of a proposal that leads to a realistic action. The tasks listed in this type of marketing should be feasible in the practical context of the experience. This process reinforces your creativity from the connection with the goal to be achieved.

In this way, this final horizon adds meaning to the medium. The practice of the actions carried out in this framework offers results that can be observed in the short-term. An especially relevant aspect because the sum of successes achieved in the temporal context of the present also constitutes an important basis to strengthen a future strategy from the commercial point of view.

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Continuing with this line of action, mentioned in the section before this point, this type of marketing can also be contextualized in the direct reference of the temporal factor, since the planning of the developed line specifies the moment in which to carry out a certain task. This temporal perspective offers an order to the steps described in a planning of these characteristics.

Each action is concrete because it answers essential questions such as why, when, how and for what. Therefore, each step has a reason, a process, an instant and a purpose. Thanks to this temporal perspective, this type of marketing is not only executable in practice, but can also be interpreted a posteriori from the monitoring and balance of the actions carried out previously.


This connection with the objective makes this type of marketing increase its effectiveness when it starts from realistic programming and a good strategy. There must be consistency with this theoretical basis. 

The effectiveness of this type of proposal is also related to the optimization of the budget itself in the planning of the planned investment. The accuracy in the results obtained from this guide also depends on the preparation of this moment in relation to the situational context of the entity and the expectation to be achieved.


Operational marketing is directly linked to action, although it is also complemented by a strategic script. Therefore, this first term is creative in the formula used to materialize in reality. Among all the existing possibilities, this ingredient individualizes an idea against other possible alternatives.

Therefore, there are different types of marketing. Although the concept analyzed in this article has meaning in itself, it is also aligned with the strategic approach of a plan that is indispensable for that entity committed to the desire to communicate its value proposition.

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