Why Integrate Influencer Marketing Into Your Strategy?

Why Integrate Influencer Marketing Into Your Strategy?

Influencer Marketing: Today influencers are widely recognized for the entertainment they offer their followers, but few companies know the great benefits it could bring them if they decide to include influencer marketing in their strategies. The user’s trust is already in their hands, the influencers only need to carry out actions in which they promote your company’s products or services to start seeing the results.

How Do Influencers Benefit Us?

When a company hires an influencer, it is hiring a new way of advertising to a certain number of demonstrable followers who follow the same trend. These followers can be considered a segmented audience, saving you a lot of time if you dedicated yourself to obtaining that same audience on your social networks, something practically impossible to achieve in a short time. Therefore, the role of influencers is to have the ability to captivate their audience with contracted advertising.

If you have not yet decided to hire an influencer for your marketing campaign, let’s look at some reasons to do so:

  • They are able to help launch a new brand or product, capturing the attention of their followers and giving credibility to the brand. If an influencer’s opinion is positive, they will be able to reach more people who trust their opinion.
  • In the same way that it offers credibility to what is promoted, it will also give you visibility in the digital environment, gaining new followers, publications shared among your followers that will attract new potential clients.
  • In short, the role of the influencer in the marketing campaign has different functions and not only generates sales, but also trust and credibility, in front of an audience that without their help they would not be able to penetrate quickly and effectively. Marketing is carried out from various strategies, but this is undoubtedly a very fruitful one in which the results do not take long to arrive.

Are you still wondering, what can we use influencers for? With their help you will be able to establish the appropriate digital marketing strategy, the campaign will be enhanced with the charisma and influence of that person on their audience. In this way, your product or service, in addition to its own value, will be gaining receptivity among the influencer’s followers, increasing the possibilities of attracting new customers.

The Role Of Influencers In Online Marketing Campaigns

Influencers are gaining strength every day and are emerging as the best options to boost your digital marketing campaigns. The rise of social networks has brought to the surface many influencers who stand out in a specific area of ​​the market, being able to choose the one most in line with our market niche.

Its function within the campaign changes depending on the objectives set. One of the goals is to seek to humanize the brand, offering users a visible face to associate with the brand. They can act as drivers for the growth of social networks linked to the company or be the creators, the person who contributes fresh ideas to be implemented in their social networks.

The hiring of an influencer can arise from the realization of an event that requires dissemination, to even performing the liaison function between the companies with other influencers who can provide added value to an event or marketing strategy.

Some Statistics Suggest How Influencers Help Your Marketing

  • More than 80% believe in the recommendations that their environment can make to them.
  • Influencers, for their part, can encourage 60% of their followers to take action, who trust publications on social networks and other virtual environments.
  • Campaigns that use influencers in their marketing strategies have seen greater benefits for a lower cost. On average you earn €7 for every euro invested in the campaign.

Tips For Choosing The Right Influencer

When choosing your right influencer, evaluate the interaction they have with their followers, more than the quantity, the quality matters. According to the likes obtained on their social networks, registered visits to their blog, comments and feedback in general, you will be able to observe what the behavior is like between the followers and the influencers.

Another important aspect is the style of the influencer, choose one that adapts to the objectives of your company and the characteristics of your products or services. Not just any influencer can be the right one for you, always think about your target audience.

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