What Is Facebook Ads And The Advantages Of Facebook Advertising?

What Is Facebook Ads And The Advantages Of Facebook Advertising?

Facebook Ads: Right now, Facebook is the social network with the most active members worldwide. That is why we cannot miss the opportunity that advertising on this social network offers us.

Talking about the figures of this social media is talking about successes. In October 2020, there were 2,701 million active users on this network, according to Statista, a non-negligible figure.

One increasingly popular kind of internet advertising is Facebook advertising. It is not a fashion, nor a coincidence that most companies opt for Facebook Ads. The audience of practically all brands is there, and a quick, economical and effective way is offered to reach them with a promotional message. Ads can be personalized to the maximum and thanks to the information that social media has about users, campaigns can be created aimed at very precise targets. Hence the success you can achieve by betting on this type of campaigns.

What Is Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads)?

Starting a Facebook advertising campaign entails promoting your brand, business, or item on social media. Thanks to the publishing tools, you can easily set up an attractive Facebook Ad. All you need is a message that includes an eye-catching photograph or video that captures the interest of your audience. If you’ve experimented with other online advertising methods, like Google Adwords for remarketing, you’ll see that the structure is very much the same.

Making Facebook Ads, or Facebook ads, means having a budget to invest and a message to communicate to your audience. At the same time, although you can make sponsored posts focused on all social media users, it is advisable to have the audience well defined to segment the campaign and obtain the best results.

Why Should Your Company Advertise On Facebook?

There are many reasons that could make you consider a Facebook advertising strategy. In reality, Facebook Ads have a lot of advantages that you should know about:

  1. Audience segmentation: Facebook’s extensive user data makes segmenting the ad you want to generate rather simple. The target target does not matter, you will find it on the social network and you can address it exclusively to them.
  2. The viralization: Although you pay per click on each ad, users can save you a lot of money if they share the publication among their contacts. That is, the reach of Facebook Ads is not limited to payment, but has a greater impact depending on the behavior of your potential clients.
  3. Interact: In addition to promoting your products and services, you can also launch interactive posts that allow you to collect important data about your audience. For example, a giveaway for a subsequent campaign with leads.
  4. Price: Advertising on Facebook is cheap. You will only pay for each click and/or conversion received.
  5. Measurement: Nearly everyone who invests in advertising wants to know how their money is being used and how effective it is. Facebook advertising will be really easy for you thanks to its integrated and completely free statistics panel.

What Types Of Advertising Are There On Facebook?

On Facebook you can promote almost anything. From an external page, to an app, an event, or even a specific place. But it’s crucial to clarify the ultimate goal of advertising before running a Facebook advertisement. You won’t be able to choose the right payment schedule or campaign type until then.

Depending on your objectives, you may want to use one type of advertising on Facebook or another. Although in the next paragraph you will discover all the types of campaigns that exist on the social network, you must also define if you pay per click (CPC), or if you pay per impressions (CPM).

CPC is ideal if you are going to generate traffic to Facebook, or a third party site to seek visits or conversions. If your goal is to increase your brand’s overall visibility, CPM is a better option.

Types Of Campaigns That Can Be Done On Facebook Ads

Although you are already clear about what Facebook Ads are and the advantages they have, you still have one important thing left before you start running campaigns on this social network. These are the types of ads that exist on Facebook. It may seem really simple, but there are up to 14 types of promoted post:

  1. Promote your posts: It is about promoting the content of your website or fanpage.
  2. Promote your page: This Facebook Ad is aimed at making your website known.
  3. Reach people who are close to your business: It is an advertisement focused on appearing to those users who are close to your location. An address will be enough to configure it and start receiving visitors.
  4. Improve brand recognition: In this instance, the target audience for the corporate ad is those who are most likely to give you attention.
  5. Attract people to your website: It offers the advertiser the possibility of obtaining more traffic to their website.
  6. Increase your app installs: What is sought with this Facebook advertising is for users to install a certain app.
  7. Increase the number of attendees at your event: With this advertisement an event is promoted in order to increase the number of participants.
  8. Increase video views: It is aimed at ads that integrate a video, to increase the number of views.
  9. Generate leads for your business: This Facebook Ad model is aimed at capturing leads.
  10. Increase conversions on your website: This Facebook advertising aims to improve the conversion of a certain marketing action.
  11. Increase interaction with your application: If you want more users to use your app and interact with it, this is your Facebook ad.

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