Importance Of Customer Retention

Importance Of Customer Retention

In the past, the needs of e-commerce were basically to attract traffic to their websites and generate sales, leaving aside customer retention and loyalty. It was a time when the level of marketing was based on the AIDA model (attention, interest, desire and action), a model that focused on the relationship between the brand and the customer before the purchase was executed.

Currently, the market has changed substantially. Every time there are new online businesses that offer their products and/or services anywhere in the world with little effort. User acquisition costs have grown substantially. 

For this reason, we recommend that you focus on  retaining and building  customer loyalty by improving the  shopping experience  in online and offline environments. In this way, companies will ensure that their customers are happy with the product and/or service they offer. In addition, customers who are happy with the brand are known to  repurchase , comment on their experience, become  prescribers  , and remain  loyal . for longer as customers of the brand.

Buyer Person

The first thing to do is  identify the archetypes of customers  who use and can buy the product and/or service. It is important to note that not only will it be necessary to identify the socio-demographic data, but also the needs, motivators and expectations that customers expect from the product and/or service will have to be detected.

Shopping Experience

Carrying out the Customer Journey Map allows businesses to verify if they are offering the best shopping experience to their users in their online and offline environments. With this tool you can evaluate all aspects of the purchase process in all its phases. Some of them are: product search, product description, customer service. 

We must remember that a  bad comment on social networks  can cause a very negative effect and it takes 5 or 10 positive comments (or prescriptions) to counteract that effect, so offering a good shopping experience is key in the loyalty process.

Ensuring a good shopping experience is key to generating  engagement , brand image, and above all to build customer loyalty .

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Customer Retention and Loyalty

Businesses need to focus their efforts on  customer retention and loyalty . To do this, they must start working with new models that take into account the phases after the purchase.

Some Points To Keep In Mind Are:

  • After making the purchase and once the first interaction with the product has occurred, businesses must work on reducing  buyer’s remorse (buyer’s remorse). In this way, companies will be able to guarantee that customers will not return the product due to lack of interest or not knowing how to take advantage of it.
  • Companies must help their customers meet the  objectives that have been proposed when buying the product. If businesses do not control the fulfillment of the objectives of the clients, what they will achieve is that they will never buy their products again.
  • It will be very interesting for organizations to get their customers to become the  prescribers of their brand. In this way, they will get new customers faster.

These three  post-purchase phases are key to achieving sustainable profitability in your business . It should be noted that there are more and more companies that use keywords, trying to advertise to the same users, making it increasingly difficult to differentiate themselves and stand out from the competition. That is why these phases are so important.

In short, companies must begin to compete to be  relevant in the minds of their  customers . To achieve this goal, it is essential that companies focus on improving the corporate brand and communicating their differential values.

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