Visit : Step By Step Guide On Setting Up Your Android TV

Visit : Step By Step Guide On Setting Up Your Android TV

Android TV is the latest sensation in digital TVs. It provides an exciting screening ordeal to the viewers. Android TV has advanced technology enabling users to access high-resolution TV programs, movies, and shows. Users can access all this using an Android TV remote. To start using, you must observe an installation procedure. This article highlights the installation procedure in detail.

About Android TV?

Android TV is a smart OS designed by Google specifically for Android to support digital media players, TV sets, and soundbars. Android TV is a predecessor of Google TV. It has more advanced features like

  • User interface developed for content discovery and voice search
  • Aggregated content from media applications and services
  • Integrated Google technologies like Knowledge graph, Cast, and Google Assistant
  • It has a micro console accompanied by a wireless Bluetooth gamepad.
  • Google Chromecast enables the user to picturize content like on tablets and phones.

Essentials For

You must have a checklist before embarking on the setup process. Some of the requirements entirely depend on the TV model you have. 

Essentials for Installing Android TV are:

  • Google Account
  • Android phone
  • A steady Internet connection, including Wi-Fi.

TV sets without an in-built Android TV, you will require the following

  • Smart TV set or monitor with an HDMI port or HDCP
  • HDMI cable
  • External Android TV device 

Once you have all these requirements in place, you can start the process of connecting your Android TV. 

Installation Process In Android TV.

Before setting up your Android, you need to conduct an installation process. You will synchronize your Google account with your Android TV in this installation process. 

Observe the steps listed below to finish the Android TV setup. First, ensure that your Android TV is fully set externally by following these steps:

  1. Set up the Android TV using the manufacturers’ manual. Plug the TV into the power socket.
  2. Use your remote to turn on the TV, go to the menu, and select HDMI you connected.
  3. Pick your language of choice and proceed.
  4. If you want to use an Android phone, adjust the settings. Suppose you are not using a phone; select Skip to go to the settings through

Procedure On Installing Your Android TV.

The setup procedures are dependent on the Android TV set module that you have. In this part of the article, we will be highlighting the setup procedures.

Initial Setup

Step 1: Pairing Android TV and remote

The first step you’ll take is switching on your TV. Remember that every Smart TV has a different pairing procedure. Identify the method that suits your device and follow it to pair. A Bluetooth connection is essential in most Android TVs before conducting any process. Below is a procedure for pairing the Android TV with the remote.

  1. First, switch on your Android TV or device.
  2. Go to the menu settings and observe the on-screen instructions to link your devices. 
  3. Once the remote pairs with the Android TV, you will notice a checkmark.

Step 2: Setting up your Android TV.

After completing the first step, an option will present itself. This option makes it possible to share network and account details directly from your Android phone to the TV set using a few clicks.

Below are the procedures for setting up your Android TV 

  1. Using a computer
  2. Using an android phone
  3. Using a remote control
  4. Using website

Installing Android TV through an Android Phone

  1. When your TV presents an option “Quickly set up your Android phone,” Select Yes using your remote control.
  2. Turn to your Android phone and open the installed Google app.
  3. Type or if your phone supports a voice command say “Set up my Device
  4. Follow the procedures presented on your phone. You will see code on your phone; the same code will appear on your Android TV.
  5. Type the name of your Android TV on your phone.
  6. Switch on your Android TV and observe the on-screen procedures to complete the installation process.

Steps on How to Complete Setting up Your Android TV Using a Remote

  1. When your Android TV presents an option of setting up the TV with the Android. Using the remote, select “Skip.”
  2. Connect to the Wi-Fi network from the menu.
  3. The system will update for a while. 
  4. After the system has completed updating, click Sign in using your remote.
  5. Sign in to your account.
  6. The Android TV will give on-screen procedures. Follow these instructions to complete the installation.

Step by Step Procedure on Using a Computer

  1. In the first step, your Android TV will present an option.
  2. Select Skip using your remote.
  3. Link your Android TV to the Wi-Fi.
  4. Select Sign in and switch to your computer.
  5. Open your Google account using the computer browser.
  6. Observe the procedures on your Android TV to finish the Android TV installation.

Step by Step Procedure on Setting up Android TV Using

Google has invented a website that helps in the setup process. Users can access the website without using a computer or Android phone, and all the user requires is a browser. Follow the steps listed below to finish the Android TV setup process.

  1. Your Android TV will present a setup option. Press Skip.
  2. Link your to Wi-Fi.
  3. Open a Google account using your remote.
  4. Open a web browser and visit On this page, type the code appearing on the Android TV screen.
  5. Sign in to the browser through the Google account that you opened. After you do this, your Google account will be activated automatically.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions to finish the setup. After finishing up the setup procedure, visit Google Play Store and install the application that you require. The apps are installed directly on the Android TV.

Applications Available In Android TV.

Most Android TVs have pre-installed apps available to the user. The pre-installed apps are not enough to give the user a fulfilling screening experience. Viewers can download and add more applications to the Android TV. Some of the apps available for installation from the Google Play Store are:


Plex is an organizer app. It is responsible for arranging all the users’ personal media like photos, music, movies, and shows. It has a presentable and straightforward UI Plex gives the user access to free-to-air live broadcasts. 


Kodi is a unique media app that organizes the users’ media. Accessing the files is simplified by this app, and the app also enables users to stream live movies on the app. 

Android VLC

VLC is a remarkable audio and videos player that contains various formats. This app comes in handy when you want to play music or watch videos from an outside source like a hard disk. Unlike other players, this app is remarkable because you can use it offline. 

Frequently Asked Questions On

How can I add a new Google account to

To add another google account:

  1. Observe these steps.
  2. Open the home screen using a remote.
  3. Press the menu to open the settings. You will see an account sign in the slot.
  4. Click on the slot.

Besides the slot, you will spot an Add account slot. Press the slot and add an account. 

How can I reset an old Android TV before installation?

When dealing with an old Android TV, follow the procedure below. Open the home screen and press the settings menu. In the setting, find storage and reset slot, then press it. After pressing that icon, a Factory data reset icon will appear. Click on it to reset your old Android TV.

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