All You Need To Know About Advertising Audit

All You Need To Know About Advertising Audit

Advertising audit: Analyze the effectiveness of your online ads. Did you know that Google Adwords and Social Ads receive 60% of the world’s investment in digital advertising ? Sure they are also vital platforms in your media plan, but do you analyze all the actions you take on them? Do you know how efficient your campaigns are on these channels? Have you carried out some actions but you do not finish being successful with them and you do not know why? With an advertising audit focused on these platforms, you will be able to obtain data on the investment and performance of your accounts and campaigns, and learn about your strengths and areas for improvement.

Why Do You Need An Advertising Audit?

  • Because you will get a global vision of your strategy. Marketers have a large number of metrics at our disposal on different platforms, but sometimes it is difficult to get far enough away to have an overview. Thanks to our analysis, you can easily identify what works and what doesn’t
  • Because you will optimize the return on investment. The analysis of the results in different social networks allows us to identify both the weak points and the opportunities for growth. If you adapt your actions based on these insights, you will ensure that you are getting the most out of the investment and you will maximize the ROI of your marketing strategy.
  • Because we adapt to your needs. We offers different audit formats, which analyze the main metrics of each platform and the problematic aspects to take into account. We can also carry out a more in-depth analysis by focusing on those points that may be of highest priority for the company. In short, we adapt to your company, your budget and your objectives
  • Because you can keep your campaigns always up to date. In the world of online marketing, we are in a constantly changing reality. This means that the actions that worked for us yesterday may not be effective tomorrow. That is why we recommend conducting advertising audits with a certain frequency, depending on the investment, to ensure that your campaigns are always giving the best possible return.

How Can We Help You?

  • In our experience, a digital advertising audit can mean a before and after in your results. For this, it is necessary to have the support of experts who can analyze different elements of your Social Ads and AdWords campaigns and produce a report that helps you understand what your strengths are and which ones you need to improve. 
  • Investment efficiency. Through a general evaluation, we analyze the investment and income evolution of the different advertising accounts during the last six months.
  • Results. We analyze the main KPIs of each platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and AdWords), focusing on the metrics that indicate the quality of our campaigns. We also analyze values ​​such as CTR, conversions and CR, CPA and their evolution over time.
  • AdWords accounts. In this study, we take a closer look at search campaigns and their top metrics. In addition to including the total values, we also analyzed the results of the branded and non-branded campaigns separately, as the focus and expectations are different. We include both the main indicators of our own account (impressions, clicks, conversions, CTR, CR, CPC and CPA) as well as those of the competition, evaluating the campaigns in comparative terms with the rest of the sector. Finally, we completed the analysis with a study of keywords: type of keywords used, use of matches, internal structure of the ad groups and results at the keyword level, with special attention to the quality level.
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts. In these platforms, the creative aspects of the campaigns will be analyzed through values ​​such as relevance score, CTR and conversion ratio. The images and texts used will be analyzed, as well as the types of creatives used in each type of campaign, with special emphasis on those most relevant formats for conversion campaigns such as Carousel or Collection Ads. A study of platforms and devices will be carried out, in order to understand which are the placements that obtain the best costs and the best ROI and ROAS are able to contribute. Finally, an in-depth study of segmentation will be carried out, one of the most relevant aspects in the case of these platforms.

Conclusions : As a final part of the audit, a general summary of the conclusions learned during the study will be made. We will also include a set of recommendations, advice and actions to be taken in order to improve the results that are being obtained.

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