Gantt Chart: Advantages And Disadvantages For Project Planning

Gantt Chart: Advantages And Disadvantages For Project Planning

In this article, we’re going to discuss Gantt Chart advantages and drawbacks.

Advantages Of The Gantt chart

Useful, Simple And Easy To Use

  • This tool is so easy to use that it requires no special training. As we pointed out, in the Gantt chart the project tasks are represented in vertical bars, while their execution times are shown in horizontal bars.
  • This simplicity allows to have a global vision of all the aspects of the proposal in progress and, of course, favors the integration of the work team that understands, as a whole, the flow of activities. 
  • In addition, it can be drawn on sheets of paper, as before, or using computer software.

Show The Project In Perspective

  • Sorting the pending tasks and their execution dates using bars of different colors and lengths, offers a global vision that allows determining the progress of the activities and the evolution of the project.
  •  In addition, this perspective vision strengthens the commitment of all members of the work team, since each one, individually, will know the importance of completing their tasks in the expected time to avoid affecting the flow of associated activities.

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Facilitates The Marking Of A Roadmap

  • The global vision offered by a project represented with a Gantt chart also makes it easier for the main manager to draw up the roadmap that, aimed at achieving results, must be delivered to all team members.
  • This schedule marks the timeline in a very simple and functional way. It not only allows you to analyze the evolution of the project according to the schedule of activities, but also prioritize the fulfillment of tasks according to progress.

Accept Project Integration

  • In this article advantages and disadvantages of the Gantt chart , it would be unfair not to mention flexibility as one of the greatest strengths of this century – old tool. And, is that this type of graph allows to integrate several projects, show all the tasks in chronological order, and alter the start and end dates according to priorities.
  • But, of course, the ideal way to take advantage of this benefit is to forget the sheets of paper to draw vertical and horizontal bars, and work in front of the digital screen with specialized Gantt chart software .

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Allows The Interconnection Of Activities

  • The more complex a project is, the more tasks add to the proposal. In these cases, the Gantt chart will show activities that must be run in parallel, others that overlap, some that are deferred, and those that are later updated.

Combine Tasks In A Systematic Way

  • Project tasks are never linear. In this sense, the Gantt chart allows you to superimpose assignments and systematically define the duration of each of the scheduled activities to complete a project successfully.
  •  Although the completion of an activity may be associated with the result of other tasks, the start of a new assignment does not necessarily depend on the completion of those that are in progress. That is why it is considered that, beyond a bar chart, the Gantt chart is a planning tool.

It Favors The Motivation Of The Human Team

  • The ease provided by the Gantt chart to order and prioritize tasks, monitor the progress of activities, observe the performance of each employee, document unforeseen events, implement solutions and monitor ongoing processes with the participation of the entire human team, favors , without a doubt, their motivation and consequent productivity.
  • In addition, for a committed worker, the tangible evolution of a project and the recognition of their work as a valuable contribution, also translates into the benefit of profitability for the company.

Disadvantages Of The Gantt Chart

Difficult To Specify Multiple Tasks

  • We already mentioned that tasks are not linear and that complex projects include some assignments that overlap or run in parallel. And, in this sense, working a Gantt chart in the traditional way would mean a real waste of resources.

Limited Flexibility In Complex Contexts

  • Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the Gantt chart, it is worth noting that, although it is true that flexibility is a strength in simple proposals, in complex projects this benefit is quite limited. 
  • The reason is simple. The century-old tool is quite linear if you work in the traditional way. And this rigid condition prevents diligently managing the behavior of modern, active, changing and dynamic global markets.

Poor Or No Risk Assessment

  • Managing risks is a fundamental aspect in any project, as facing a crisis situation without a contingency plan would lead to any purpose to ruin. And the rigid architecture of the Gantt chart isn’t exactly the best aid when it comes to risk assessment.
  • However, it is still an excellent tool for project management, used together with some software designed for the prediction and assessment of unforeseen events and risk situations.

Difficult Mapping Of Tasks And Activities

  • Project management requires clarity in the definition of all the tasks and each of the scheduled activities, as well as the steps for their execution. And, this becomes a real challenge when working the graphic without complementary support. Writing down the small details of each of the tasks to be carried out, can become a sea of ​​lines on large sheets of paper. The solution? A Gantt chart software .
  • This is why it was so successful when it was implemented in manufacturing industries in the United States in the early 1900s.

What Is Gantt Chart Software?

  • There are plenty of reasons to explain the survival of the century-old tool. And, over the years it has been so effective that the digital market developed technological solutions to automate all the processes associated with project management based on the Gantt chart.
  • Some software requires a license fee, others are free to use and all are user-friendly. In this link you will find the options to start this decade in a positive way, planning tasks and managing new projects .

How To Create A Gantt Chart In 5 Steps

  • Before implementing the use of software to manage a project based on the Gantt chart, it is necessary to consider five preliminary steps that are essential. In breakdown:
  • Make a list of essential tasks to start and finish the project successfully, not forgetting the importance of setting priorities.
  • Write down the start date of each task, as well as the expected time periods for its proper execution, calculating unforeseen events and delays.
  • Create a list with interdependent subtasks or assignments that should also project start and finish dates.
  • Share the scope of the project with the human team that will be in charge of fulfilling the tasks or assignments.
  • Remember that the team of collaborators is made up of human beings who, with good treatment and consideration, respond better to the commitment.

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