9 Original And Profitable Business Ideas

9 Original And Profitable Business Ideas

9 original and profitable business ideas : Not all of them are technological and not all of them are totally new, they are simply 9 business ideas that work at the moment.

1.-An Agency Specialized In TikTok And Vertical Short Videos For GenZ

A year and a half after the birth of the business idea of ​​COSMIC, an Italian startup and official creative partner of TikTok, begins to operate in Spain. Focused on vertical short videos, the agency emerged with the purpose of helping companies understand the language that should be used on each social platform, develop the appropriate creative concepts for each of them, and generate quality content for their partners through its in-house production team and from the hand of different creators.

Thus, the company works with all the social platforms that have focused on short vertical videos, such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Triller, -an emerging app with a different approach but also growing at a very high speed- and Snapchat. Spotlight.

2.-Taking Advantage Of The Greater Public Employment Offer 

The greater public employment offer has made CazaTuPlaza grow by 60% in recent months. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) born in 2018 and specialized in training for the opposition which, after the announcement of the public employment offer to cover more than 260,000 jobs, has grown by 60% in just three months.

The last public employment offer that goes out to contest is 44,787 places, which represents 12.2% more than last year. With this latest publication, the Government of a nation wants to reform the Administration and lower the age of its workers. 

3.-The Scrapping Market Before The Ban On Combustion Cars

Some countries have decided to ban the sale of combustion cars, gasoline, diesel, gas, and hybrids, from 2035. The purpose is to limit the emission of carbon dioxide or gases that generate the greenhouse effect.

This transition poses a transformation in the entire automotive industry. Jan Amat, the co-founder of Recomotor, a distributor of recovered parts for automotive workshops and professionals, understands that the community standard will cause an increase in the price of electric cars and a rise in the average age of car fleet while waiting for the law to be mandatory.

4.- Crowdfunding Of Renewables In The Face Of Energy Deficiency

Enerfip , of French origin, has become the leading business in participatory financing of renewable energies. In France alone, over the last 8 years, they have managed to gather an investment of more than €230M in 400 renewable energy projects. With the opening of a subsidiary in Madrid, Enerfip now arrives in Spain with the purpose of raising at least 50 million euros to finance renewable energy projects in the next two years. The platform will offer solutions to finance projects from €200,000 to €5M. 

In this context, Enerfip, a renewable energy crowdfunding platform, arrives in Madrid to contribute to Spain’s transition towards a decarbonized and independent energy future. With its landing at the national level, the company plans to raise at least 50 million euros to finance renewable energy projects over the next two years.

5.-The Business Of Managing People

Starting a business in the midst of a pandemic, going from 3 people to 12 in 7 months and billing six times more (from 80k to 536k) without investment. Fresh People was born to solve a problem: dozens of startups and innovative companies were growing and did not know how to scale the management of their teams at a time of constant changes and high complexity in the labor market. 

6.-Services To Maximize The Growth Of Your Clients

Product Hackers is a company specializing in offering growth services to corporates and high-growth companies. Product Hackers have specialized in scaling companies and digital products. Combining their own methodology and technology with the ‘scientific’ method, they have been able to find and validate growth levers for their more than 70 clients.

7.- Mobility For Public Transport Operators

Shotl is a Spanish startup that was among the ten winners of the 2019 edition of the Startup Prize for Mobility. What they offer is a mobility platform that combines multiple passengers heading in the same direction with a fleet of vans and minibusses on the move. One of its main differential values ​​is the creation of an algorithm that allows optimizing routes in real-time.

8.-Art On Wheels

Truck Art Project is an original artistic patronage project promoted by businessman and collector Jaime Colsa and curated by Fer Francés , an expert in contemporary art, and Óscar Sanz, in urban art. What they have created is a network of art in a movement where emerging artists turn trucks into the canvas on which to execute their creations, thus presenting their work throughout the national and international geography as traveling galleries. 

9.-Personalized Travel Albums

51Trips is a startup that is positioned in the travel-tech sector, creator of a new platform through a mobile application that allows the traveler to narrate in real time their experiences while they are living them, in an automated way, including not only photos and text but also all kinds of details such as weather, kilometers traveled, visits, summaries of the day, etc. In this way, it saves its users a lot of time and prevents thousands of photos from being forgotten in the mobile galleries once they return to routine. 51Trips was founded in Barcelona in 2020 by young entrepreneurs Roger Planas and Armand Dalmau . The restlessness, the adventurous and traveler spirit of both, and their passion for technology, unites them after Roger launched e-commerce of travel notebooks and planners in a physical format that represented his beginnings and that allowed him to demonstrate that there was a clear potential market.

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