How To Choose EDM Software?

How To Choose EDM Software?

EDM (Electronic Document Management) is a computer process for managing digital documents. For its start-up, the use of dedicated software is essential. This is often offered in the form of an application for smartphones and tablets. With EDM software, it is possible to digitize paper documents and dematerialize the business processes attached to them. 

To choose the right one, it is necessary to take into account a certain number of parameters. But before revealing these selection criteria, discover the advantages of deploying electronic document management (EDM) .

Good Reasons To Install A GED For Your Business

If you install and use EDM software properly, it could become an important strategic tool within your company. You will derive benefits that can be appreciated on several levels.

  • Productivity gain: the use of EDM software ensures a significant gain in productivity since the daily tasks of the administrative or accounting department are simplified. This is particularly the case for receiving, saving, sorting, distributing and searching for documents, which are done quickly and easily.
  • Reinforced data security: if you choose EDM SaaS software, your documents will not be stored on your devices, but rather in a third-party cloud. This guarantees the security of your data, especially against theft, hacking, fire and theft.
  • Documents accessible at all times: also, if you use EDM SaaS software, you can access your documents at any time and from any place. The most important thing is to have an internet connection. You will thus have access control, which will give you the possibility of assigning user rights to the people of your choice.

In addition, the EDM software allows you to set up a workflow, that is to say a kind of documentary circuit. You will be able, among other things, to indicate the actions to be carried out and define deadlines to be respected. The installation of this GED solution will guarantee you an interesting ROI.

The Main Points To Consider When Choosing The Right EDM Software

There are several EDM software developments classified into two main categories. There is free software on one side and the most popular SaaS software on the other. Whatever type of solution you are interested in, it is good to consider certain points before making your choice.

  • Evaluation of the performance of the existing database: it is important to evaluate your IT database already installed in order to have the assurance of its adaptation to the selected GED solution. Also, the software must be in tune with your industry. It is preferable to rely on EDM software developed by a known publisher, which has a good reputation. Also favor a tool capable of evolving according to your needs and able to adapt to new practices. It is not interesting to choose an EDM software likely to become obsolete very quickly. If the solution has a durable architecture, it will last over time and ensure good productivity.
  • Software flexibility: choose a flexible EDM tool that can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure. This must optimize the installation and the structure in place and make it simple to process the documents to be dematerialized. This will make it easy for users to access all archived digital data through all enterprise operating systems. Furthermore, a flexible and scalable EDM solution could easily be leveraged as the business grows, such as an increase in the number of users. This avoids having to set up new software and having to deal with additional costs.
  • Effectiveness of the EDM solution: install an efficient EDM solution to be sure that it will give you satisfaction at all levels. It is good, for example, to choose a development that offers a Cloud option, which guarantees the perfect storage of all your documents. The more efficient your EDM software is, the more your particular expectations with regard to document management will be met. It’s a good idea to do a test before the final deployment of your GED tool, especially if it is to be connected to an existing installation, which guarantees you to make a choice without regret.

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