Advantages Of Smartphones Over Computers

Advantages Of Smartphones Over Computers

Advantages of Smartphones : Every day we use our smartphones and tablets more, and we put aside our beloved computers that we have used so much. We don’t really realize it and we simply stop using them, since mobile devices bring us some benefits over them and I would like to talk to you a little about it.

As I have told you, we are going to list some of those advantages:


When we carry a laptop and we want to connect to a network, we need a device to connect to networks in case we don’t have one nearby. You can be a usb stick, a mobile that acts as a modem or others.

Since we have mobiles and tablets, they already incorporate a network connection, which makes us be connected 24 hours a day and be able to do many things that we do with PCs and only with one device.

Size And Weight.

Here the difference is obvious. It is much easier and more comfortable to carry a tablet or smartphone in your pocket or bag.

If at any time we need a larger screen, simply connect it to one, through the connections that these devices have. Before they only had normal connections, but in medium and high ranges, they are incorporating high definition connections, either through a connector for this use, or through a USB port, known as MHL.


I myself have complained a lot about the battery life of a smartphone. But then I start to think about how long a normal laptop lasts and there is a difference.

A normal computer battery usually lasts a couple of hours, although there are some models that last up to 8 hours, but they are special models.

I start to think about everything we do with a smartphone and how it is connected to networks all the time and its battery really lasts a long time. There is no computer that gives you 24 hours of use.


Here is the very clear thing, any computer requires a fan so that it does not heat up.

Smartphones and tablets do not have a fan, they are completely silent and this greatly influences the following section.

They Do Not Usually Emit Heat.

It is true that if we play a game with our smartphone for a while, or make a lot of use of GPS or similar things, it will get hot. What’s more, some get quite hot and often scare their owners.

But think back to when we had a laptop on top of us, with that fan blowing heat out. The sensation of heat is much more intense than that which any smartphone or tablet can emit.


I think we will continue to use our PCs until our portable devices can perform all the functions that PCs currently do.

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