How To Plan Online Advertising

How To Plan Online Advertising

Online advertising , like traditional advertising, aims to reach a target audience with a message. Said message may have informative or commercial purposes. For this, traditional advertising has used media such as the press, radio and television, among others. However, with the expansion of the internet and new technologies , the advertising possibilities multiply. We consider online advertising to be all advertising that uses media with an Internet connection, from computers to Smartphones and tablets . 

This change of support affects not only advertising formats but also the way to reach the audience. In fact, the ability to segment the public is much greater. In addition, online advertising allows you to optimize your investment and make changes thanks to the monitoring of results in real time. This paradigm shift affects the way media planning is approached in online advertising . Now it is possible to segment the public to whom we direct our message in a very detailed way, by gender, age, interests, etc. 

The segmentation capacity is determined by the channels and media where we want to show our ads. In addition, there is a wide variety of formats, from simple text to video, both embedded and pop-ups . Among the locations where online advertising can be displayed, it is necessary to take into account the mobile applications themselves . By being able to reach the users of these applications, the possibility of showing them relevant ads is much greater.

Search Results

Before launching an online advertising campaign , the first step is to identify the target audience. We must know your profile and your interests, because that will allow us to show our ads in the spaces you frequent. Imagine putting an ad for a food processor on a soccer game app. The product will not be of interest to that audience and, therefore, the ad will not be effective. Online advertising has many placements for your ads, but only one must-see: Google search results.. If you don’t appear in Google, you don’t exist; in fact, if you don’t appear on the first page of results. 

However, there is a possibility to appear without paying: SEO . But let’s not fool ourselves, the competition is increasing and we cannot risk not appearing. To appear in paid results on Google, the Google Ads tool (formerly known as Google Adwords ) is used.). Although, as we will see below, it is not used only for that. What does Google Ads allow us? 

It allows us to create ads whose title responds to direct search terms. How would you look for a food processor similar to the Thermomix? Probably, typing in Google “kitchen robot similar to the Thermomix”. If you sell food processors that are not Thermomix, using those search terms you will have a good chance of appearing at the top. 

The payment method that has been imposed is the cost per click . In other words, we only pay for the times that someone clicks on our ad. This allows us to know the behavior of our audience and make decisions in real time. Thanks to this we can optimize the results of our campaigns

Shopping, Display And Youtube

Search results are not just limited to text. Online advertising finds in Google Ads the possibility of directly displaying the products, with a photo and price. These types of results are known as Google Shopping . This ad model is very effective. On the one hand, it appears when someone searches for something related, so they have an interest in the product. On the other hand, the potential customer gets an idea of ​​what the product is like before clicking on the link. So, in addition to optimizing the clicks that our ad receives, the chances of sale are greater. Google Ads also allows us to show online advertising ads on the Display network .

These are the ads that appear on the web pages on the sides and between the contents. Typically, ads appear on pages of interest to our potential customers. Ads on the Display Network can come in a variety of formats. 

On the one hand, banners with image and text, either fixed or moving. On the other hand, they can be simple text ads, similar to those that appear in search results. It is also possible to find Shopping ads , with the product image and price, and even embedded videos. And, speaking of videos, YouTube belongs to Google and the ads on this network are also managed with Google Ads. To be able to advertise on Youtube. It is essential to have your own channel to upload the video to. YouTube allows us two options: complete playback of the video or the possibility of skipping it. 

The cost per click is more expensive in the first case. One of the possibilities offered by Google Ads is dynamic remarketing . With this type of online advertising , the ads are shown to users who have already visited our website. In addition, they can be personalized according to how they have interacted.

Facebook Ads

Nobody is unaware of the scope of social networks , hence its importance for online advertising. If there is one place where audience profiles are well defined, it is on Facebook . Here we include Instagram and -now we explain why- also Whatsapp . Not only the information we add to our personal profile helps define audiences. In these social networks, user behavior is fully monitored. This means that you know what your personal interests are and allow you to segment almost individually. online advertising _reaches previously unthinkable levels of customization. What pages do we like, what celebrities do we follow, what products interest us, what activities do we dedicate our time to.There is no detail that goes unnoticed, not even WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages . 

Does this mean that they spy on our conversations? No, but the systems detect words and frequency of use, so they can determine interests and hobbies . Remember that WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook, and it uses the information from all its platforms. That said, there is no doubt that Facebook Ads is one of the most powerful tools available for online advertising .. Ads can be segmented by demographic data, geographic location, interests, etc. Facebook Ads are displayed in various locations, such as Facebook and Instagram stories. 

The particularity of these ads is that the public can interact with them, comment on them, share them and tag other people. Therefore, they allow a greater diffusion than the one for which they pay. Facebook Ads also allows dynamic remarketing , although it calls it dynamic retargeting . This type of online advertising allows visitors to our website to show the products they have seen. This type of advertisement is very effective and presents good cost/conversion ratio .  

Content Marketing

Not all online advertising has an economic cost. There is a wide variety of actions that allow us to increase quality visits and, with it, conversions. On the one hand, the development of a blog favors the image of experts in the field. In the case of e- commerce , specialty items build trust with buyers. In addition, the description of the products in an appropriate way helps the positioning in organic search results. 

Online advertising has a great ally in social networks. In them we can publish organic content user-focused. In addition, by being able to include links to the website itself, this translates into more quality traffic . The more interesting the content is for network users, the more likely they are to share it.

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