What Type Of Computer To Buy And Why?

What Type Of Computer To Buy And Why?

Type Of Computer To Buy : Living without a computer is almost impossible in a world as digital as ours. However, it is essential to choose it according to your needs. Discover in the following the different types of computer that exist on the market.

The Different Types Of Computers

There are three main kinds of computers. With a different budget but especially with different uses. Let’s see the pros and cons of each of them.


This type of computer is very convenient. This is a huge advantage for those who can’t get around without their computers. It is worn everywhere in the office, at home, in town at the cinema and even at the beach. It allows you to move around with your work and work wherever you are. 

In addition, the battery of a laptop is more powerful and resistant than that of a desktop computer. It allows you to work away from the socket for a long time when charged beforehand. Like any computer, they consist of a built-in screen and keyboard and mouse. In addition, they have the advantage of having a webcam

This gives them certain features of a smartphone for example. There is a diverse range of laptops. From the most classic to the most sophisticated with bright keyboards, it will then be necessary to make the right choice. In addition, laptops are more fragile than desktop computers and do not always withstand shocks, hence the importance of choosing the right laptop.

PC gamers

PC Gamers are computers that work like any other computer but with a particular advantage. They are designed for the happiness of video game lovers. They are composed of a keyboard, an ergonomic mouse, pedal steering wheels and a motherboard. 

They are therefore similar to conventional computers but are distinguished by their power and durability. When playing regularly on a laptop, it can damage it and reduce its lifespan. On the other hand, gamers adapt more easily and without consequence to this kind of use. All the time this type of computer has a rather expensive cost. But the latter is justified by the interesting features of this tool. They have a very elegant appearance and a very good image resolution.

Desktop PCs

They are also called desktop computers. They are composed of a screen, a keyboard, a mouse, an internal hard drive and a speaker. They are also composed of a case, a motherboard, a processing memory and a microprocessor. 

Because of their considerable weight, it is difficult to move easily with this type of computer. In addition, they consume electrical energy. It will then be necessary to install them on a metal or wooden desk and near an electrical outlet. It will also be necessary to continuously save his work at the risk of losing it in the event of a power cut. 

Desktop computers are mainly used in companies or families. They usually cost less than laptops. However, it should be noted that desktop computers occupy a significant amount of space. When it comes to aesthetics they are not as elegant as laptops.

Which One To Choose And Buy?

Unless of course you have the means to pay for the three types of computers here, you will then have to make a choice according to your needs, your expectations and your desires. If all three are similar, they all offer advantages and disadvantages. For use at home or at work, as part of a simple and basic use to browse the internet, watch some videos or do office automation, the desktop PC will be sufficient. If, on the other hand, you are more of the type to play video games, or do things that require a lot of resources or great performance, a gaming pc will still be more suitable. 

The laptop will be rather intended for a so-called nomadic use, it is the ideal computer to travel. In cases where you do not have for example a room suitable for the house, where you take it on the go with you etc. Note that there are now gaming laptops, usually it is high-end, which can be suitable for gaming and other video games for example.

According to our opinion, the choice of your pc, will mainly be based on the necessary performance and budget. If you have a small budget, prefer the desktop computer, which is generally more accessible and much cheaper. If you have an average budget, let yourself be tempted by a laptop. There are laptops just as powerful as the fixed ones now, however it will be necessary to put the price. Finally, the models intended for gaming are above all for those who have a big budget.

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