The Best Professional Laser Rangefinders for Precision Work

The Best Professional Laser Rangefinders for Precision Work

Here are the best professional laser rangefinders for precision work.

Leica Geosystems 855107: The Most Convenient

Are you looking for an accurate and portable work tool? Leica offers you this high-quality laser rangefinder for professionals. The quality of this product is to contain a digital camera that accurately shows the location of the laser point. You will be able to calculate the distance between the rangefinder and this point with a single click. Plus, it’s easy to use and doesn’t have many features. 

This is the most convenient product for people who are looking for an effective device that allows you to get the job done quickly. In addition to its ease of use, this laser rangefinder is very robust. Indeed, the users who own it attest to its resistance on the construction site. You can continue to use it without any problems even after multiple falls.

The professional laser rangefinder designed by the Leica brand is made from the materials that make it extremely resistant to falls. Indeed, it has passed the quality tests with flying colors, which earned it its place in the ranking of the best laser rangefinders for professionals on the market. The rangefinder display adapts to the position of the professional for accurate and easy measurements. 

The device can be connected to the phone for better data processing after input. A specially designed application makes it easier. In addition, you can combine this device with a Leica DST 360 adapter to perform point-by-point measurements.

The only negative point with this product is the fragility of the battery compartment. But it is still an excellent device for everyday use.

Bosch Professional Laser Entfernungsmesser GLM 50 C: The Simplest 

Are you looking for a durable rangefinder with a large battery capacity? This professional laser rangefinder from Bosch is designed to meet your needs. Indeed, thanks to its minimalist design, it allows users to get accurate measurements with a single click without displaying unnecessary data. 

This high-quality rangefinder works with Bluetooth, which makes it possible to track the gauge and switch to inclinometer mode in a single movement. You can perform simple angular measurements with this complete product for professionals. 

Customers who have ordered this laser rangefinder are satisfied with the performance it provides and attest to its reliability and resistance. In addition, an application makes it possible to store the measurements made and to process them precisely.

The Bosch professional laser rangefinder is the tool you need for everyday use in your workplace. You can connect it to your mobile phone using a Measure On app. The latter provides its users with easy documentation and a project-based organization of all the measurements carried out. Thus, you will be able to manage all your work in one place. 

The screen of the device has an automatic backlight system. In addition, it adapts the orientation of the display according to the angle of use. The maximum range of this rangefinder is 50 m with an accuracy of ± 1.5 mm and ± 0.2°. Data transmission is via Bluetooth. In order to use the device, you will need two electric batteries.

The small downside with this product is its large consumption of batteries. Indeed, in order to ensure all its functions, it consumes very quickly the capacity of the batteries used.

Huepar Laser Rangefinder With Zoom Camera: The Most Complete 

Are you looking for a device to make accurate measurements in any circumstance? This professional laser rangefinder is the one for you. The Huepar brand offers its customers the opportunity to take measurements by zooming in on important places. Indeed, thanks to the camera and the precision laser of the rangefinder, you can make personalized measurements without moving from your place. 

The adjustable zoom of the x2 and x4 camera is designed to visualize the red point of the laser from several tens of meters away. Customers who use this product in construction sites are delighted with their purchase. Indeed, the superior quality of the device as well as the different options it provides allow users to work comfortably.

This professional laser rangefinder is equipped with a camera capable of recording points with an adjustable zoom x2 and x4 depending on where the user is. The materials used for the manufacture of this rangefinder are made in such a way as to increase the resistance of the device to shocks. In addition to that, it is fully waterproof. 

So you can use it in the rain without any problems. The device is equipped with a rechargeable battery with three different materials: the installation of 4 rechargeable batteries, the use of USB cable or direct use on USB power. The range of this professional device is 200 meters.

The only negative point of this product is the low battery life. Indeed, a full charge does not last more than 2 hours of use.

Stanley STHT1-77142 TLM: The Best Professional Laser Rangefinder

The product quality offered by the Stanley brand earned it its place in the ranking of the best professional laser rangefinders. Indeed, thanks to its wide range, its precision and the quality of its display, this laser rangefinder is perfect for construction site use. The screen of the device is backlit, which makes it possible to use it in daylight as well as in the middle of the night. In addition, it has a memorization capability with a built-in beep. 

Compatible with all smartphones, tablets and computers, this rangefinder is the product that every professional must own. Construction workers who have purchased this device are more than satisfied with its performance and quality. In addition to its high resistance, this product makes it possible to carry out measurements with millimeter precision.

The professional laser rangefinder of this brand is designed to take measurements up to 60 meters away. The accuracy of the measurements is of the order of 1.5 mm margin of error. In addition, it has a unique class 2 laser beam that allows you to accurately visualize the target point. This high-quality device is equipped with adjustable legs for greater stability when taking measurements on site. 

You can connect it to your phone with an app designed to memorize measurements and perform professional calculations. This professional laser rangefinder works using alkaline batteries in a temperature between -10° and 50°.

The only negative point with this device is its lack of precision when it rains or in brightly lit rooms.

How Do I Use A Professional Laser Rangefinder?

Taking measurements using a laser device is facilitated using a target point. You can calculate the distance between two points by relying on the location where the laser target is located. The calculation of the distance is done either by ultrasound or by laser. However, the use of a laser rangefinder remains the same, regardless of the product you buy.

The steps for conducting a survey are as follows:

  • Turn on the professional laser rangefinder: Turning on an indicator light and the screen ensures that the device is running. Otherwise, it is necessary to check the status of the battery.
  • Stand in front of the place whose distance you want to measure from your location.
  • Thanks to the red laser dot of the device, you can orient it towards the precise point whose distance you want to measure.
  • Click the measurement button to get the result.

Precautions For Using A Professional Laser Rangefinder

Like any professional device, safety measures must be taken when using it. Indeed, this precision measurement equipment is equipped with a class 2 laser. The latter should not be directed at a person’s eye. This dangerous handling can cause serious damage to the victim’s vision.

To obtain accurate measurements with your professional laser rangefinder, a few parameters must be taken into account:

  • Do not use the rangefinder in the rain: the ability to make measurements remotely is impaired due to rain droplets.
  • Do not use the rangefinder in an overlit area: excessive lighting interferes with the laser beams of the device.
  • Always check the battery status: a low battery can be responsible for false measurements.
  • Perform several measurements: to ensure the accuracy of your reading, it is advisable to repeat the measurements 2 or 3 times to ensure that the figures are correct.

The Best Professional Laser Rangefinder

The choice of a professional laser rangefinder depends above all on the use you want to make of it. Indeed, each product in our selection has a maximum measuring capacity that it cannot exceed. If your work is limited to carrying out indoor measurements, it is better to opt for products with a small range. But if you work in a construction site that requires large, accurate measurements, it is best to choose a professional laser rangefinder with a large range. Whatever the product chosen, it is important to read the user manual well in order to use it well.

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