What Is Google Ads?

What Is Google Ads?

Google Ads was created in the year 2000, initially as Google AdWords, and today it is one of the most powerful online advertising platforms.

From the Google Ads platform, we can create various types of campaigns such as application, discovery, display, hotel, local, search, shopping, or even smart campaigns. The ad formats can be text, images, video, shopping, mobile. The possibilities are many, but the key for all of them is to discover how to appear just when the customer searches for related terms. 

Why Use Google Ads In My Company?

One of the advantages of this type of advertising is that the ads work with a CPC (Cost Per Click), that is, Google only charges for the number of users who have clicked on the ad. In this way, a click can cost you 5 euros, 100 or 500 euros, to give you an example, depending on the competition and what you are willing to pay.

Google Ads ads allow us to “locate” advertising and fine-tune the shot with it. We can limit it to a geographical location and different demographic data, as well as a certain number of keywords or keywords. If we sell clothes we are not interested in going out when people are looking for cars, and if we sell women’s lingerie we may be interested in targeting only women. In addition, we can program the ads and campaigns and, of course, measure the results.

We want to rank at the top of searches related to our products, but it’s not as simple as an A+B sum. In Google Ads, many factors intervene that act on our ads, so we are going to try to clarify as much as possible this art that is to create and design ads for Google.

How To Make Ads In Google Ads?

The first thing, as with any marketing strategy, is to do a study of the competition to know what we are facing and what searches we want to compete in. The next thing is to think about the objectives to achieve. Are we interested in leads? Drive traffic to our website? Get calls? Setting goals is key to later planning your ads both at the design and technical level on the Google Ads platform.

With these two things clear, it’s time to get fully into the tool. We warn you that it is not easy. Google changes day by day and if you need the experience to work with advertising and marketing, in the case of Google Ads even more so if you don’t want your money to fall into a bottomless black hole. This type of advertising is very effective if it has a team of professionals and experts behind it. 

Keys To Making Google Ads Work

Order, order, and order. For ads to work, you have to be as organized as Marie Kondo. The order, both in the campaigns and in the methodology, is essential, especially if you are going to have several active ads at the same time. Order when planning, order when programming, and order when analyzing. The order will save us money and that is always good news.

Clear objectives

Having so many possibilities, choosing the right campaign and format is more than necessary. Depending on your goals, so will your ads.

Think about your target and go to him

You don’t talk the same way with a bank employee as you do with your nephew or a friend. The message in the ads also has to be tailored to the listener we want to target. Your ads will not be the same if you target Generation Z as if you target, say, boomers.

The destination is important

There are those who say that the important thing is not the destination but to enjoy the journey. Not here. The announcement is as important as the place where it lands. Imagine that you do a campaign of ten that gets the people who see it to click. But when they do, the landing page to which it is directed is poorly laid out, it has colors that would not match even in the hands of Palomo Spain and it takes so long to load that it makes users lose patience.The ad helps us to capture your attention but if what you see after clicking does not interest you, we will lose you.

But as it happened near the wall in Game of Thrones, “the night is dark and harbors horrors.” Google is deep and complex, so it is best to go well prepared for the fight, with a well-trained team with which advertising on the world’s largest search engine is not torture, but rather a bed of roses.

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