Customer Engagement Will Be The Evolution Of Customer Experience

Customer Engagement Will Be The Evolution Of Customer Experience

Customer Experience  – CX- has given the online and face-to-face seminar  “ How a CRM can help you improve the customer experience ”  within the cycle  Webinars WorkSmarter of the technology company.

The expert explained what CRM is and what Customer Experience- CX- is, pointing out their differences and showing the role of CRM within a  Customer Experience strategy. In addition, she has emphasized the strategic priority of SMEs and micro-SMEs to have a CRM to improve their experience and relationship with their customers.

During his speech, he highlighted two fundamental aspects with an impact on the customer experience:  technological advances and the human aspect, and the company’s internal culture. In relation to the technological field,  clients/users – all without exception –  are exposed to a new reality such as virtual assistants, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain, among others, for which the need arises to structure information, ensure the quality of the data and keep a history of clients, all with the aim of converting them into final clients and analyzing subsequent actions to be carried out.

CRM is a  stable and structured system to store information and knowledge of customers, which helps to improve the customer experience in a digital world where it is increasingly important to collect data in a professional manner, order and comply with the recent General Data Protection Regulation-  RGPD.

A Customer Engagement Is More Than A System, A CRM Seeks Customer Customization 

The second aspect is the human side, the people,  the #Humanity.  Human interaction remains vital in the relationship with the customer. Hence, one of the trends within the Customer Experience is to invest in people because it means investing in the key moments of customers, in their interactions with the brand/company. Through knowledge of the  Customer Journey and a  differential experience, it is sought that customers feel comfortable and that they perceive that they receive special attention, that they are cared for and pampered by the company and all the members that make it up. Silvana has insisted that the customer experience must be integrated into the company strategy to promote loyal and committed customers.

Under this thesis, underlined the importance of linking the customer experience with the employee experience within organizations. By introducing maximum care and attention to employees, you get better results and a higher level of motivation so that they appreciate your brand so that they become defenders of your company, and, ultimately,  so that they become true ambassadors. In this sense, today, the customer experience cannot be understood without the experience of the employee, who has to be cared for as much or more than the figure of the customer.

In the webinar,  Customer Engagement has been defined as the ability of companies to work on a strategy with customers that provides them with value and content. In the future, Customer Engagement will be the evolution of Customer Experience. Customer experience cannot work well without employee experience.  The Customer Experience is betting on your customers and adding value to them before looking at the numbers, it is training your employees towards that vision of the customer ”.

At the conclusion of the day,  the role of CRM within CX was highlighted, and how its combination helps to exceed business expectations. The quality of the data. At this point lies the opportunity for companies to improve their communication with customers, and to create and believe in an open internal culture,  with CRM being the digital tool that allows employees to live the customer experience satisfactorily.

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