Top Proxy Categories For Businesses

Top Proxy Categories For Businesses

Here are the list of top proxy categories for businesses : 

Forward Proxy

They are the intermediary between local companies and a larger network. The wider network could be the Internet or a cloud platform. They can help users access the Internet.

Reverse Proxy

They are intermediaries between the Internet within the servers of your company. For example, a reverse proxy could act as a gateway between the Internet and the cloud. Provides your corporate LAN network with a security buffer. This gateway could be configured to hide companies’ IP addresses or users’ bandwidths.

Why Do Businesses Need Proxy Servers now More Than Ever?

In the information age, research is of great importance. That is why the Internet is an important tool in providing access to the content of all kinds. Information in business translates into profit. 

But what if your business’s source of profit loses money? One possibility could be that your information source is currently compromised. 

A compromised system can be discovered in different ways. Your office internet is slow most of the time. Tasks are being filtered that only a certain group should do. Furthermore, malicious activities are taking place directly on their corporate servers. All of this is a sign that a corporate system server has been compromised. Let’s see how we can prevent this by looking at the advantages of using a proxy.

Benefits And Uses Of Proxy Services

  • Control of your LAN services. 

Proxy servers are capable of monitoring all aspects of Internet connectivity activities. This would mean that you not only control what your corporate users see. This would allow Internet speeds to be increased for those who need them most in the business.

  • Hide your location. 

Prevention is always the key to protecting your business. Proxy servers prevent potentially malicious operators from gaining access to your servers. This is done by hiding your IP address or by hiding it. This way, operators only see the IP address of the proxy and not the company‘.

  • Remain anonymous on the Internet. 

Proxy servers can increase the privacy of companies by maintaining their anonymity. Your business users search the Internet for the information they need. But they may come across malicious software that compliments their searches. This malware can come back to your server and wreak havoc.  Proxy servers can block this malware the moment their users return from the Internet. Therefore, keep your trading servers unknown to the public and to the Internet.

  • Block targeted attacks. 

Malicious operators must identify the specific IP address of your company. But with the use of proxy servers, direct targeting of their servers is impossible.

  • Bypass IP restrictions. 

There are IP addresses that are marked as restricted. By using a proxy that masks your business IP address you can bypass these restrictions.

  • Get VPN software. 

A virtual private network (VPN) is application software for your business proxy. One of its features is its ability to encrypt incoming and outgoing data. This is essential if you are transferring critical business information while in global locations.

  • Use a proxy. 

It is a bit slower than a VPN. But companies with a local area network (LAN) can take advantage of other benefits, such as user control and other security options.

  • Use TOR.

The Onion Router (TOR) is one of the easiest ways to keep your IP address anonymous and protect your company’s server, and it’s free. Its use has drawbacks: you need a dedicated IT technology specialist.

  • Use a mobile network. 

To use a mobile network as your business proxy, all you have to do is use a mobile service provider. That way, companies are using proxies from your phone’s network.

  • Connect to public Wi-Fi. 

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi system will help mask your IP address, making your business difficult to identify.

  • Call your Internet service provider. 

This is one of the extreme ways to hide your IP address, thus gaining a proxy advantage. It is recommended if you already know that your business server IP addresses are compromised.

If your business can afford to be offline for a couple of hours, this is the best option. There is also a very good chance that when you reconnect your modem it will reassign a new IP address. In this way, you are protected from new attacks.

A Proxy Server To Suit You: WinGate

WinGate is a Web Proxy, integrated Internet gateway, and communication server to meet the access control, security, and communication needs of today’s businesses.

What Solutions Does Wingate Offer You:

– Secure and managed access to the Internet with usage policies and advanced and flexible access control.

– Monitor usage in real-time with per-user and per-service audit trails.

– Protect servers from threats such as viruses, spam, and inappropriate content on your network

-Improve network management, performance, and responsiveness (web, DNS, etc)

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