Role Of Social Media In An Inbound Marketing Strategy

Role Of Social Media In An Inbound Marketing Strategy

We have already talked many times about the importance of preparing good content when preparing our Inbound Marketing strategy. But what about social media

Do we know to what extent they play a fundamental role in Inbound Marketing? We start from the basis that social networks are a communication channel that, what it distributes is, neither more nor less than content. So, how can they not be important if the development of good content is essential in the framework of the Attraction Phase?

According to different studies, 70% of active Internet users use some type of social network. This means that there is a huge potential pool of customers who want to be shot by Cupid and fall madly in love with our brand, or what is the same, receive content that interests them -which they will receive, mainly, through networks- for, little by little, to not be able to live without reading it. Social Media acts as one of the tools to showcase expertise.

The writing of good content or copy is what in Inbound we call the Attraction Phase, and the important thing about it is that, if we do our job well, we will be able to convert complete strangers into leads . And from there to turning them into promoters, there is a lot of work, yes, but there is also a long way to go.

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Role Of Social Networks Within An Inbound Marketing Strategy

  • If we start from the basis that Inbound Marketing is a proven method by which we create and share content intended for clients to become promoters of our brand or business, we are already assuming that social networks are essential for the process
  • The networks not only help to give more visibility to the content, -a fundamental part of the Inbound method-, but also constitute the main channel of dissemination of the same today. In fact, without networks, it would be much more complicated for content created within an Inbound strategy to reach its target. And by the way, hereby we recommend that you leave the networks in the hands of experts,  then what happens happens ..
  • However, the creation of good content is only the first step to take within an Inbound Marketing or Attraction Marketing strategy, and the ideal, within said strategy, is to generate a strategic content promotion plan, in which social networks play a leading role. Social Media is a key factor in every step.
  • Taking into account, in addition, that, today, networks are the best thermometer to check the reputation of a company, we will have to treat them with great care, since, no matter how good our Inbound strategy is, if we do not have “ good press ”, the beach bar can be dismantled
  • Another reason why social networks are so important within the global Attraction Marketing strategy is because they give us a very specific idea of ​​the kind of audience we have, which also makes us understand it better, and therefore, we give him what he wants / needs
  • Social networks contribute to our SEO, which is also essential within the implementation of a good Inbound strategy
  • On the other hand, if our strategy includes the production of white papers or downloadable papers , these can be promoted through networks
  • An important way to strengthen our audience through the content we publish is to promote old posts on our blog through networks, so that they reposition themselves and are not forgotten. This will provide us with new engagement opportunities  with newly incorporated audiences.
  • The hashtags # or labels are also a very important way of leading the audience to the content that we know might be interesting. Because also, as you already know, the content we do should not talk about us, but about what our clients want to read. 

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