All You Need To Know About Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

All You Need To Know About Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

With so many affiliate programs, it is difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. Each has a different way to start and different commission rates. So, check out this list of the best 18 affiliate programs and start making money from your website!

 eBay Partner Network

  • With the reputation they have built since 1995, it’s hard not to see eBay as one of the largest and most trusted marketplaces out there.
  • They have over 1.1 billion top brand listings for various niches. Plus, their marketing kits make it easy to promote and share.
  • How difficult is it to start? You can register on their page with a Google or Facebook account to speed up the process. Remember to have your PayPal information handy.
  • How fast can you start winning? EBay’s partner network gives you between 50% and 70% of their revenue, depending on the product categories. Plus, you only have to reach a balance of $ 10 to receive a payment.

Rakuten Linkshare

  • This is another online store that you can trust. Rakuten is a leading global online shopping center in the Japanese market. They have a global network of affiliates that can help advertisers win new customers and keep repeat purchases.
  • How difficult is it to start? Go to their page and sign up . You will need to fill in details about your company, contact, main website, and certain tax information. You can also set your minimum payment, as long as it is higher than $ 50.
  • How fast can you start winning? The downside to this program is that you have to join the programs of each specific advertiser. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing how much income you can make – there are a wide variety of commission percentages.

Leadpages Partner Program

  • Leadpages is an online tool that you can use to create landing pages without the hassle. It comes with many useful tools like a drag and drop builder, tons of mobile optimized templates, unlimited traffic, and much more.
  • Building a website can help strengthen an audience’s online presence, no matter what the niche is, and with such an easy-to-use tool, anyone can do it. This makes it a perfect product to promote to your readers.
  • How difficult is it to start? It is recommended that you purchase a Leadpages plan before promoting it; This way you can better highlight its benefits and get to know first-hand how it works. First, go to their affiliate page to sign up . There is a form to fill out with all the standard details: display name, website, language, country, etc.
  • How fast can you start winning? You can earn 30% recurring commissions for each sale and for renewal payments.
  • Not only that, Leadpages awards a $ 5,000 bonus to a qualified seller to travel around the world. In addition to the package, they also host paid webinars, of which you also get the same 30% commission for referring it to your audience.


  • Avantlink is one of the best affiliate programs with extensive affiliate research – only 30% of all applicants get approved! However, its state-of-the-art technology to make it easy to market more than makes up for it. Also, they only allow large, established merchants with quality products on the net.
  • Real-time reporting, paid placements, an affiliate link encoder, and personalized tracking are just a few of the tools in your arsenal. Everything about Avantlink is serious business and great dedication to merchants and sellers alike.
  • How difficult is it to start? Its nice interface makes registering easy and fun. Choose a region between the US, Canada and Australia for your preferred network, then fill out the form with your details.
  • You will then receive an email with instructions on how to verify your property; requires a bit of technical skill. Meanwhile, Avantlink will also review your application, which will take a few days.
  • How fast can you start winning? The average commission rate for each sale is 10%, while the minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 50. Payments are sent on the 25th of each month. Please note that Avantlink will not be able to pay you if the merchant has not paid yet.


  • This renowned affiliate marketplace is one of the easiest affiliate marketing programs to access. Also, they have thousands of products to promote with different commission rates for each vendor.
  • How difficult is it to start? You can choose which product to promote right away. Once you click Promote, you must enter a nickname that will create a HopLink – your instantly created affiliate link! You can share it immediately on your blog or social networks. But, to receive the payment, you must register and fill in the necessary information.
  • How fast can you start winning? Commission rates depend on each provider: they range from 1% to 75%. You can also look for a one-time purchase or recurring payments, the latter being the easiest option to earn money.

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