How To Set Siri To Activate With Voice Command

How To Set Siri To Activate With Voice Command

One of the most outstanding features of the new  operating system update is undoubtedly the Siri voice assistant, which in addition to a renewed interface also incorporates an improved voice recognition engine that will allow us to activate the  voice assistant . The assistant can be activated without having to interact physically with your iOS  device, to do this, simply use the voice command: “Oye Siri”.

Much has been said that the Siri activation function could be done without the need for your iPhone, iPad or iPod to be connected to your charger or any other power source by connecting the USB cable. However, this is not possible and as in the older version, it will be mandatory to have our iOS device connected via USB so that it recognizes the Hey Siri command and the personal voice assistant is activated.

However, although the activation is identical to that in the previous version, what has improved considerably has been the voice detection for its activation. In iOS, voice recognition has been considerably improved and for this Apple has included an assistant for the correct configuration and customization of the command. In this way we will not have a problem with other users being able to activate Siri or the assistant not recognizing your voice correctly.

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If you want to know how to correctly configure the Hey Siri command that activates the  Voice assistant just by using your voice, keep reading how to do it:

The first of all will be to go to the Settings app for line followed by accessing the Option. Once you are here you will find several options among which the following stand out: Allow Hey Siri.

This will be the function that you must activate so that the configuration wizard starts automatically. On the first screen, what you will have to do is confirm if you want to configure it now or if you prefer to configure it later. Click on configure and follow the steps that are requested on the screen.

While in the first three screens of the assistant, all you will have to do is repeat the command Hey Siri out loud, in the third and fourth window of the assistant you will have to repeat the following commands respectively: “Hey Siri, what’s the weather today” and “Hey Siri, it’s me.”

Once you have repeated all the commands requested by the Siri setup assistant, everything will be ready so that when your device is connected to the power, it is activated automatically when you say the command Hey Siri aloud. You should know that Siri will be activated automatically whether you have your device with the screen off, from the lock screen or from the home screen or within an app. 

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