How To Build A Perfect Website?

How To Build A Perfect Website?

In this article, we’ll explain about how to build perfect website.

Standards-based programming is based on writing code as specified in the languages ​​of the web, primarily HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In this article, we will see why it is important to follow those standards. Not only as a way to promote usability, but also as a way to ensure that a development will look correctly today and on this device, but also tomorrow and in most systems where it is consumed.

The web standards for encoding web pages are rules of behavior that leading browser developers are committed to following . They pursue beneficial objectives for development, code maintenance and accessibility.

Thanks to these standards, the world (and work) is much easier for developers. In part, because browser manufacturers have also made a significant effort to adhere to standards and create software that, for example, interprets new HTML5 tags in a more faithful way.

First of all, we must be aware that one of the main rules is to separate the content from the appearance , defining the structure and then its presentation. This separation is key so that the content can be viewed on different devices and to be durable over time and, in case we have to make changes, we can make them as quickly and clearly as possible.

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The Elements That Define A Website

In any basic site we can differentiate three important elements : the content, the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Within the content we will find texts, images, videos, animations, sounds, files … HTML is the language that will allow us to translate that content in a way that browsers understand it. In addition, it has the function of defining the role of each piece of content (paragraphs, lists, titles, links, images ), as well as marking the structure of a document. Last but not least we have the CSS, with which the presentation is defined, that is, with what style rules the content elements should be displayed (fonts, formats )


If we work following the standards, these are some of the advantages that we will find:

Present Our Content In A Device And Browser Friendly Way

The content is defined once and, with the same HTML, the site can be viewed by adapting its presentation to the characteristics of the medium where it is being consumed. Either through a computer, tablet or smartphone, the user will be able to access our content and view it correctly, adapted to their screen. You simply have to create the respective style rules for each type of situation.

By defining the style in a separate file, all pages can be downloaded from the need to specify how they should be viewed, generally downloading code from a document. By requiring minimal code, the pages are much less heavy and will therefore download faster. All the code that was previously used to define the presentation is loaded using a single stylesheet. A plus that translates into fast browsing and a better user experience!

Separating the content from the presentation will allow us to make modifications and changes to the XHTML or CSS, without affecting the other party. So if I have to change the presentation of the page, I will only need to change the CSS once and each page that uses those style rules will be updated automatically. All this simplifies life when it comes to redesigning, for example, or launching a new section within a site.

Compatibility With All Browsers 

Client fragmentation is a patent problem in the world of the web and something that developers must constantly grapple with. It is important that the user can view our content with the technology available to them. Even users who do not use conventional browsers will be able to access our site.

If we make sure that our pages validate correctly, it will be easier for browsers to interpret them correctly. There are validation services for XHTML and CSS that will help us identify possible errors. This allows better quality control and ensures that, no matter how different the web client is used, our document does not have problems rendering correctly.

Production Process And Work Teams

Production is more efficient and allows the content team to work in parallel. Some can be in charge of writing the content, others of defining its appearance and others of its functionality. Everyone will be able to work at the same time without getting in the way.

Promoting coding adhering to standards will also help us to distribute the content for use by third parties more easily, since our content will be separated from any presentation rule and can be used not only to be viewed within a website, but in other media such as apps

If we opt for coding according to the standards we will see that our life as web developers is simpler and we will be able to work faster and more efficiently, as well as participate in projects with other teams in a more fluid way.

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