Importance Of Your Logo? The Creation Of Your Own Brand

Importance Of Your Logo? The Creation Of Your Own Brand

What is the importance of a company logo?  When we create a brand  , thousands of questions go through our heads. How to design the ideal logo? Can a logo convey everything that is inside me? 

Sometimes it seems difficult to imagine that it is possible to keep the essence of a brand in a design. Today we talk about creativity  and the importance of your logo .

The Importance Of The Image For Our Business.

  • It is always time to undertake. Every day more people decide to offer others the best of themselves, their best skills  but the service you provide is as important as the image that your clients perceive of you.
  • The image is a symbol of quality and respect for your audience. We all like to be treated with care and feel that the brands that offer us their services and want to be part of their lives, do so with the appropriate quality and delicacy. We cannot pretend to enter a market successfully if our image, which is our letter of introduction, is not the ideal one.
  • You must be very clear about who you are , what you offer  and be aware of the image you want to convey . It’s always good to take time to reflect on how you want the public to perceive your brand .
  • For your audience,  the logo will be your company so it is a fundamental piece in the Image they perceive of it . Let’s not forget that our clients also identify the services we offer through visual impacts. 
  • A good Corporate Identity allows us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and evoke the essence of our firm in a few milliseconds. That is why it is so important that the logo design be considered, studied and developed taking into account both the aesthetic and functional aspects.

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The Logo Design.

  • To talk about image conception, it is essential to refer to  branding, a concept that integrates the process of making and building a brand,  materializing a set of ideas and values ​​around a symbol ( logo ) that identifies the brand and influences its value. that contributes and transmits
  • The power of the brand as a differentiating element will make your company acquire value, credibility and correctly position itself ahead of the competition.
  • The logo design should strike a balance between what you are and what you feel, and what you offer. A good design will remain etched in people’s retina and will always come to your clients’ minds at the right time, especially when you are not present. We find this power incredible, the power of brands, and therefore it is worth investing time and effort in building a strong and solid brand image.
  • A good graphic designer works together with creativity and strategy so that the visual impact is very positive , transmits strong emotions and is always associated with quality services. Indeed, the treatment of the client and the day to day of the company will be key when configuring and building the image and reputation of the brand 
  •  It has to do with passion, with the story we want to tell, with the cause that motivates our company. Stories and experiences will be more important in the future than products because the ability to convey emotion is the most important thing in a world controlled by technology ”. We totally agree, right?

Materialize Abstract Concepts.

  • To materialize a concept around an idea we have to put passion and use professional graphic design tools .
  •  Why is it important to use the best programs or software to make designs? Because the more resources we have and the higher quality they are, the better we will be able to capture everything that the company is, its character, its qualities  and, ultimately, the story we tell. Cleanly.
  • Let’s not forget that, in addition to the logo, in each document that you give to your clients (business cards, letterhead, dossiers, advertising material) you are telling your story. We talk about the history of your company. And the company is your dream. The important thing is to differentiate yourself, contribute what nobody has dared to do and, ultimately, look at everything that nobody sees and show it.
  • If you are interested in learning more about the creative process , we encourage you to read what the process of creating a good logo is . Sensitivity in design is due, in part, to the Psychology we use.

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