Everything You Need To Know About Employer Branding

Everything You Need To Know About Employer Branding

All companies are interested in attracting talent and surely you have heard the term employer branding more than once, a concept that defines the strategy of a company to make itself known as an employer brand; that is, that people who are looking for a job or who are in processes of professional development and growth think of us as their first option to work. Ultimately, it is about improving the image of the company, not only towards customers and employees but also the one perceived by candidates. 

We have changed the way we communicate and that is why it is so important to pay attention to having a good employer brand image . Today’s candidates have all the information they need about companies at their fingertips, and it’s especially critical. They search Google and social networks for information about the company and consult the opinions of other workers, that is, they form a prior opinion before signing up for a company’s offers.

Just as if you want to be competitive in product, you carry out marketing campaigns that satisfy this criterion, if we want to attract the best talent we must take great care of all the aspects that surround the candidate, sharing information on social networks, transparency and dynamism of the selection processes, candidate events, etc. Taking care of all the phases and mastering all the elements that affect this perception will make a difference and will make you a benchmark for candidates.

This is what HMY proposed  years ago, in line with one of its corporate values: caring for people. But not only the people who work in this leading retail company from Aragon, but all those who in one way or another are related to it: students, candidates, institutions, organisations, clients and users. HMY, with its presence and positioning in the main social and professional networks, tries to bring its processes, products and services closer to anyone who wants to know a little more about it, and highlight the added value that each person in each department brings to the company. organization.

In addition, HMY faces all its selection processes with the premise of “falling in love with talent” , that is, making the experience of a potential candidate as satisfactory as possible and making them want to work with the company as much as the company wants. work with he. The key to this lies in taking care of every detail of a selection process, even before it is carried out, detecting talent at fairs, universities, events and other activities. The active participation of companies in the university and youth environment is essential to achieve visibility and to be able to help students and recent graduates to forge the beginning of their work stage.

Once inside a selection process, HMY is concerned with knowing the person behind a motivation letter or a Curriculum Vitae, through interviews in which personal and professional skills are highlighted, beyond a title or of a line of text. In addition, it also makes sure that the person interested in the company gets to know it first-hand, making visits to its facilities in Cariñena, and solving all the doubts and concerns of that person who faces a selection process without often knowing what is going on. expect from her or what she can expect from the company she attends.

Another fundamental aspect of HMY’s employer branding, which we will discuss in detail on another occasion, is its Onboarding process , which involves all employees as a Welcome Community and encompasses a 360º vision of the company. This project has an incalculable value, allowing a new employee to start the process of adapting to his job with the passion and enthusiasm of someone who is starting a new journey, in this case, in his professional career.

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Companies have to be in continuous movement. And that also implies carrying out employer branding processes where we capture our values ​​by creating attractive proposals for people who want to join the organization. It is essential to involve your entire company, our staff will be the best ambassadors. And if we are looking for young talent… social networks are going to be our best ally, use them to show the day to day of our company, news, events or actions that we can develop are of interest to all those talented young people who want to be part of our company.

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