Top 6 Construction Softwares (2021)

Top 6 Construction Softwares (2021)

In this article, we’re giving our ideas on construction software.

SIS Group: SIS ERP Construction

  • SIS Grupo specializes in the development and implementation of management solutions for companies in the construction sector of all sizes , so they know your needs very well.
  • SIS ERP Construction is a flexible, customizable construction management software with modern user interfaces, very easy to use. It allows you to control one or more companies, and has both an on-premises and cloud version, offering the necessary mobility to your customers.
  • Obtain information in real time on deviations , profitability, performance or costs associated with works and projects. Control of work costs.
  • It automates industrial and financial processes, and has document management, HR, warehouse and CRM modules .SIS Group: SIS ERP Construction

 ekon: ekon Building

  • Construction software that offers a comprehensive view of the business , with  real-time information from both the budget and design phase of the project , more commercial, as well as the production phase,  with the execution and control of resources and costs.
  • Plan based on needs and resources. Organize your projects over time based on the availability of your teams and the priority of each project.
  • It allows companies to compete with guarantees at an operational and management level , optimizing costs, continuously monitoring projects and ensuring profitability margins without incurring deviations ekon building.

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 Ibermatica: IB Building 365

  • Global software for construction companies based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment, so its use is very intuitive and friendly. It allows a control of works during the entire management cycle, integrating in a single process the productive activity of the project with its economic-financial management.
  • Complete ERP for construction management companies plus CRM with intelligent data analysis to offer proactive knowledge and improve business decision-making.
  • Process automation, project and construction management, collaborative and communicative environments, accessibility, document and warehouse management costs , a system designed to increase productivity and operational efficiency in the construction sector.
  • It manages everything from work control to promotion actions, from the precast plant or a quarry to the rental of real estate. IB Building

Evolution: GS Construction

  • ERP software for installation, construction and renovation companies that effectively controls and monitors all processes developed by the technical and maintenance service.
  • It offers mobility to its users, and a simple and easy-to-learn use.
  • It integrates all the departments of the company and offers global cost control, both for operators and services, vehicles or machinery.
  • Manage execution deadlines, budgets, purchases, subcontractors, warehouse, treasury, personnel, certifications, clients and commercial actions (CRM).Evolution: GS Construction

CEI : Quo Building

  • Quo Building is ERP software for construction companies that simplifies construction management. Based on Microsoft Dynamics technology.
  • Thanks to its tools, control and real – time monitoring   can  improve the capacity to react and adapt to the constantly changing market, increasing competitiveness and profitability.
  • It offers a 360º view of the business. Quo Building is made up of four modules: Study and Budgeting, Planning, Execution, and Analysis.
  • It improves coordination between departments, the automation of processes , decision-making and, thanks to its  configurable system with different access levels , it allows quick access to all the documentation associated with each work.

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 Construction Cloud

  • Free license cloud construction ERP software for freelancers and SMEs that covers the management of personnel, machinery and materials.
  • Developed to create a construction management solution that meets all the needs of the construction, installation, renovation, maintenance, cleaning or project sector in general.
  • Functions for on-site management and real-time monitoring from anywhere, with access for both suppliers and employees: invoice inquiries, payroll, payments, etc.
  • Management of payroll and subcontractors , budgets, control of expenses and real deviation, billing, bank reconciliation, remittance sending, public tenders, certifications, minutes and automatic alerts on payments, remittances and spending levels.

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