Data Driven Marketing: The Era of Data Analytics

Data Driven Marketing: The Era of Data Analytics

Known for its analytical work, Data Driven Marketing is positioned within the marketing branch and encompasses a set of knowledge and decisions made from data from internal and external sources.

As we already know, one of the most important points before carrying out any marketing strategy is to define objectives, segment the public in order to personalize the content and study the marketing actions that will be carried out afterwards. 

Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing (DDM) responds to the name of a marketing strategy that includes different techniques that aim  to measure data and define (in real time) insights or market patterns. In this way, with all the information retrieved, data is extracted not only from the sector but also from the market and the behavior/needs of the users.

The analysis of the extracted data and information results in useful information that allows defining personalized actions to promote a product or service and convert users into potential customers (leads). 

What Are The Benefits?

The decision to implement the Data Driven Marketing technique in your company and/or ecommerce project entails a series of benefits:

  • Speed real-time data analysis not only reduces waiting time but also facilitates decision-making based on reliable and proven information.
  • Profitability: audience segmentation allows us to invest in campaigns aimed at an audience and avoid targeting who we know is not interested in our content.
  • Personalization: the individualization of content is key, as it helps to personalize messages and offers, allowing user loyalty.
  • Optimization: DDM helps us create and design specific campaigns.
  • Anticipation: allows us to know the behavior and needs of the public, generating actions by and for them.
  • Assertability: reduces the possibility of errors in the creation of content, since these are made “to measure”.

How To Apply DDM?

In order to apply Data Driven Marketing within our digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to comply with two premises:

  • Have a powerful data model capable of analyzing user information (Big data). Keep in mind that we collect more and more information about customers, so the data must be managed correctly in order to become profitable.
  • Have a team of professionals specialized in management, analysis and decision making who know how to act based on the results contained.

Despite the proven usefulness of Data Driven Marketing Within e-commerce projects, there are still very few companies that have made the decision to implement this technology.

However, little by little we are realizing that this data is very valuable since it translates into knowledge, knowledge in strategies, strategies in visibility / brand recognition and results in a good profitability of our marketing campaigns.

As specialists in Online Marketing & Electronic Commerce, we cross information from different sources in our projects to achieve a continuous improvement of traffic and eCommerce sales. Ask us if you need to comment on the doubts of your digital project.

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