What Is Inbound Marketing? Uses And Strategies

What Is Inbound Marketing? Uses And Strategies

Inbound Marketing : Are you thinking about how to attract new customers to your business? Have you heard of Inbound Marketing? Although this technique has been with us for many years, its great effectiveness in the online universe has positioned it as one of the most used tools in digital marketing.

And it is that the changes that are taking place in the world of brands and consumers have given rise to a new approach that inbound marketing has been able to take advantage of. It is no secret that any business owner is eager to connect with their audience, while on the other hand, due to the constant bombardment of messages, they just want to escape from them. Hence, this well-known discipline is the one that is benefiting the most. Why? Because Inbound Marketing focuses on making the user go to you instead of you going to look for him. 

What Is Inbound marketing?

As we have already anticipated, inbound marketing consists of a methodology that integrates non-intrusive advertising and digital marketing techniques whose objective is to connect with the customer who is at the beginning of the purchase process to accompany him until the final sale, always in a friendly way. without pressing it.

All this is included within a medium-long term horizon where, after getting to know the user well, we offer valuable content to help them better understand their needs and end up becoming a prescriber. 

How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Inbound marketing goes through 4 stages:


The first phase focuses on getting users to visit the website through relevant and interesting content. For this, it is necessary to know where the user is and through which channels we are going to offer the content: social networks, blogs, and other portals. Remember that the more content that is consumed and shared, the more traffic your site will have.


Now is the time to convert the visits your page has received into records for your CRM. How? Offering you content that you can download if you fill out a form for example.


Transform the customer and close the sale through personalized service.


According to what we have explained, you may have realized that inbound marketing does not end when you get a final customer. For this reason, this last stage focuses on ensuring that the client continues with us in the long term, keeping him satisfied and offering him content that interests him over time.

Difference Between Inbound Marketing And Traditional Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing is directly related to traditional digital marketing but… What is the main difference?

  • Non-intrusive advertising: inbound marketing attracts the customer in a natural way.
  • Communication between consumer and company is interactive and bidirectional.
  • Inbound marketing reaches customers individually.
  • Inbound marketing manages to achieve very effective advertising impacts.
  • In short, we can say that the inbound marketing strategy is the evolution of traditional digital marketing.

Types Of Inbound Marketing Strategies

Implementing inbound marketing, it can be done in different ways depending on the stage of the process in which the client is. Here are some examples:

  • Attraction phase

Work your blog. Even if you think it is not important, it is a key piece to position yourself as a benchmark in the sector thanks to the creation of content that meets the needs of your audience. Also, do not forget to work correctly on SEO positioning to achieve greater visibility and get more users to find you. Finally, spread the content through different social network profiles, taking into account which ones our target is on.

  • Conversion phase

To get blog visits to become registrations, include calls to action, also known as CTAs. We recommend that you make them in the form of text or a button and that they include persuasive language that encourages the user to take a certain action.

On the other hand, it is essential that before carrying out all this you focus on developing the profile of your buyer person. Do you know what we mean? It is an imaginary representation of what your ideal buyer would be. Delve into their tastes, their needs, their interests… Thus, you will be able to create content that is really of value to the people you are targeting.

Benefits Of Inbound Marketing For Companies

Now that you know more about this marketing methodology, it is time to know what it brings to your company and why you should implement it.

  • Streamline sales work
  • You can get more visibility and brand awareness.
  • You educate your target audience through digitization.
  • It helps you generate more traffic and quality leads.
  • Improves the relationship and interactivity with customers.

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