Close Range Marketing [CRM]

Close Range Marketing [CRM]

Close Range Marketing : You’ve been leading content marketing efforts in your organisation for some time, and your team’s performance convinced your boss that they need to fully implement this strategy. However, there is a small problem: your boss wants you to write and present a content marketing plan and you don’t know where to start.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled the best content marketing plans so you can build your company based on data that will help you get real results. Check out these amazing content marketing strategies, get inspired and start creating the plan for your business.

Examples Of Successful Digital Marketing Plans

Grupo Bimbo Marketing Plan for Responsible Communication Guidelines

71% of people believe it is important for companies to adopt a socially responsible stance . This is an aspect that Grupo Bimbo has taken into account when creating its marketing plan. In this example you can see a very well organized, clear and concise document where the company’s positions regarding its marketing strategies are briefly highlighted. 

After Reading This Post You Will Know: 

  1. What are the company’s marketing philosophy, purpose, mission, values ​​and goals.
  2. What responsible marketing guidelines they will provide to the general public.
  3. The communication and marketing actions that Grupo Bimbo undertakes to carry out.
  4. The communication and marketing actions that Grupo Bimbo must not transmit.
  5. What are the responsible marketing guidelines for your underage audience?
  6. What compliances do they have in place?
  7. With which associations and initiatives do they collaborate?
  8. What are your internal and external references.

Among Grupo Bimbo’s marketing objectives, promoting correct diets and healthy lifestyles in its advertising strategies stands out. They do this by focusing on their health care and wellness guidelines for both the general public and their consumers under the age of 12. 

As a result, marketing actions seek to distribute content that promotes a healthy lifestyle in media and programs aligned with the company’s values. 

Coca Cola Marketing Plan, Everything’s Better When We Are Open

It’s no surprise to anyone that the soft drink company enjoys excellent marketing. It continued to demonstrate this by launching its Better when we’re open strategy , which has a sustainable message as its protagonist. 

The marketing plan that Coca Cola undertook for this campaign highlights the following points: 

  1. The important thing is not to show the audience what is being done, but why it is being done. 
  2. Highlight the proposal and competitive advantage over other similar brands. 
  3. Show a posture aligned with global concerns. 
  4. Show that Coca Cola can continue to be a relevant brand, but also one with purpose, experience and generator of conversations. 
  5. Make the audience feel closer to the brand. 

Coca Cola is a brand that is constantly changing to stay in line with the needs of its consumers. 

And although the situation generated by Covid-19 affected its income ( with a decrease of 9% ), the company is strong in recognizing the importance of maintaining innovative, disciplined strategic actions and with a high level of effectiveness and efficiency of the marketing. 

Uber Marketing Plan

In this marketing plan made by a student from the National Institute of Technology of Agartala, you can learn a little about the most important points about the private transport company Uber: the services it offers, its technology, its main competitors, its organization chart, as well as company goals in your industry. 

The Following Is Highlighted In The Developed Marketing Plan: 

  1. Market target based on segmentation by demographic, geographic and sociocultural characteristics. 
  2. The definition of your target market also bets on a differentiation based on costs.

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