What Are Apple Search Ads?

What Are Apple Search Ads?

Visibility is important for your business, and the truth is that there is no better showcase than the top of the App Store search results. According to official Apple data, 65% of generated downloads are directly linked to a previous search within the Apple Store . Apple Search Ads ( ASA ) was born as an advertising solution to reach potential users of mobile applications (apps) . In other words, it is the platform that Apple makes available to advertisers or developers so that they can promote their applications within the Apple Store.

As in  Commends all optimizers have already obtained the  certificate officiating l Apple Search Ads   going to explain to you the first steps to structure your campaigns in ASA efficiently as well as best practices to optimize performance to the maximum .

Before Starting

One is to promote implementation of characters that require it to be discharged in the App you Store . In addition, it is recommended to link the app to be promoted with the Apple Store Connect (formerly iTunes Connect ) , which is Apple’s tool for application developers.

For the campaigns to work properly, it is essential to first optimize the application metadata :

  • Icon
  • App description
  • Category
  • Gender
  • Keywords
  • And screenshots. The screen shots can sometimes be decisive !

ASA offers two  different options to promote applications according to the needs of advertisers or developers :

  • Apple Search Ads Basic – especially aimed at developers who do not have enough time to optimize their campaigns or do not have marketing knowledge. It is only necessary to select the application to promote, the monthly budget and the maximum cost per installation(CPI). Afterwards, the system will work automatically to show the app to users whose searches are relevant to the application in question. 
  • Apple Search Ads Advanced – allows access to tools that help manage and optimize campaigns more effectively. That is, almost all the parameters can be adjusted to obtain the expected objectives in terms of budgets, CPI, etc.

Results Monitoring And Attribution

Measuring results is the key to further optimization, so it is important to ensure that all data will be measured correctly before activating campaigns. All conversion (installation) data is obtained directly from the source, that is, from the App Store .  In addition, ASA is compatible with mobile measurement platforms (MMP) such as Adjust , AppsFlyer , Kochava , Singular and TUNE. The s MMPs provide post-installation insights at the keyword level, providing richer data for optimization.

It is important to note that there may be small discrepancies in attribution from Apple Search Ads and MMPs . This is mainly due to:

  1. Ad tracking limitation : users who decide not to provide information.
  2. Repeated Downloads : These downloads would still be counted , but as organic.
  3. Open latency : App Store counts as downloading the installation, but the platforms only detect the installation when the app is opened.

Apple Search Ads Advanced – Campaign Structure

Thanks to a good structure, it will be possible to measure results, optimize performance and increase the volume of campaign traffic.

It is advisable to configure the keywords for each campaign based on related topics . A significant difference from the Google platform is that there is no phrase match or modified broad match in ASA ; There are only broad, exact and negative keywords (the latter can be exact and broad in turn). As to the exact match search Ads , it is contemplated n errors and grammatical plural. Therefore, it is not necessary to add plurals or possible variations of the term because the system already takes them into account by yes alone.

A basic structure is shown above and it could be applied to any sector, but even so , it will always depend on the objectives and needs of each business . As can be seen in the image, the campaigns would be divided into:

  • Brand / Brand (exact match): keywords of marc to , for example , tumarca , tumarca.es or www.tumarca.com .
  • Generic / Generic (exact match): This campaign shall be added to  search GENERIC or s you relate or s with the business. For example, if we are dealing with an app related to the fashion sector and with a special focus on the sale of bags, some generic keywords would be women’s bag, women’s party bag.
  • Competitors / Competidores (exact match): keywords of the main competitors because it is likely that users who are looking for a competitor and are unaware of the existence of another similar app and that perhaps it could be better.
  • Discovery / Discovery : subdivided into two ad groups, one with broad match and the other with the Search Match option enabled without keywords, which we will talk about later. The discovery campaign constantly searches for new search terms and helps keep the campaign up-to-date with the latest trends. It is important to structure it well because otherwise it will not fulfill its objective. In the group of broad matches the will include keywords previously added to the rest of the campaigns (brand, competitors, generic), but in broad agreement. The same negative exact match keywords will also be added to ensure that Apple’s algorithm will not impact users already being reached through the rest of the campaigns.

Regarding the budget , once it is set, it cannot be reduced but it can be increased and it can also be managed at the campaign level. To exercise greater control over the investment , “Budget requests” can be used, which are similar to the insertion orders of other platforms.

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