Understand Multi-Layered Security

Understand Multi-Layered Security

Multi-Layered Security : Faced with the multiplicity and diversity of threats conveyed by the Web, email, social networks and USB keys, companies must equip themselves with multiple complementary defensive shields, thus creating multi-layered security.

Computer security is an unfair and unequal discipline. On the one hand, there are cybercriminals who can attack where they want, how they want and when they want. On the other side, there are the IT security experts who have to protect everything – from the user to the data, including the machines, the systems, the software, the identities, etc. 

An Incredible Variety Of Attacks

Because “protect everything” is a simple expression to say, but almost impossible to achieve. The variety of threats testifies to the difficulty of the challenge to be met. Some attacks (spear-phishing, watering-holes, scam sites) act on users’ fears, inattention or credulity. Others target flaws in systems, browsers and software to infiltrate users without their knowledge (exploits, worms, drive-by). Finally, there are also attacks that take advantage of user usage (free downloads, hacks, social networks, USB keys) to introduce trojans, rootkits, botnets, spyware and other malicious critters into the heart of computers.

Faced with such diversity, a single defense technique is obviously not enough. The idea is therefore to multiply the means to make several complementary security shields work together in order to reduce the attack surface of a computer connected to the Internet. This is called multi-layered security.

Used for a long time by IT security professionals to protect the information system and computers, this approach is based on the combination of several shields, each of them addressing a type of threat, whether Web attacks (firewall and URL filtering), targeted attacks and APT (behavioral shield), rootkits (anti-rootkit shield), use of vulnerabilities (anti-exploit shield), phishing (anti-phishing shield ) or unknown malicious code (behavioral analysis anti-malware).

A Multi-Layered Defensive Approach

We find this multi-layered approach at the very heart of Malwarebytes Endpoint Security for companies (but also on Malwarebytes 3 for individuals). Designed to complement the defenses already present in Windows and macOS systems, these solutions add multi-layered protection to improve the defensive level of the computer. Typically, on Windows, they complement the system’s built-in firewall, the anti-phishing associated with Edge and IE and strengthen the Defender and SmartScreen shields (to which we can add these other layers which constitute the essential integrated backup and the anti-spam embedded in messaging services such as Gmail or Outlook.com).

Specialized And Complementary Shields

The Malwarebytes Endpoint Security solution thus offers several shields working together to protect the computer against all advanced or targeted threats that would not have been detected by the protections embedded in Windows and macOS.

The Malwarebytes Anti-malware Shield , for example, focuses on zero-day threats (computer vulnerability that has not been published or has no known patch) by looking at files, URLs and names of domains encountered. The Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit shield , for its part, is interested in the operation of the executed codes and the behavior of the web pages visited or the emails displayed. Goal ? Detect potentially dangerous on-board actions and block them. Finally, the Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware Shield focuses on protecting data files and preventing ransomware from stealing and encrypting them.

These analyses, defensive actions and blockages are centralized within a unified control console to have a global vision of the security of the company’s computers. The solution even includes a layer of remediation to eradicate pre-installed threats or attacks that have managed to break through your defenses. This is also one of the great strengths of the publisher.

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