Advantages Of Internet of Things In Saving Energy

Advantages Of Internet of Things In Saving Energy

Although it may sound very futuristic, the advantages of Internet of Things has been a reality in smart homes for a few years. When we talk about the Internet of Things –  we refer to the connection of devices with everyday objects in order to create communication between the two to make them more intelligent and independent.

Ultimately, the IoT makes our lives more comfortable as well as safe. Therefore, this technology has many economic and social advantages: the application of the IoT in our lives allows us to save time for ourselves, putting aside the less important things in addition to saving energy and with it, money on electricity bills. We explained some of the advantages of Internet of Things in the article.

How The IoT Helps To Save Energy In The Home

The use of the Internet of Things in homes involves using home automation systems that allow them to be automated in order to control certain aspects of the home such as air conditioning, lighting or electrical appliances, among others, and achieve energy savings in the home . Let’s see some examples:

  • It is possible to configure household appliances to connect at times when the price of electricity is cheaper so that the minimum is paid for such consumption. For this, it will be necessary to contract an electricity rate with hourly discrimination: an offer with various kWh prices during the day. There are different ways to find out what the cheapest rate is. One of the most used systems is to use a rate that lowers electricity by time slots, and you can save at night and at dawn. For example, programming the washing machine or dishwasher at those times will save you on your electricity bill every month.
  • You can also control the temperature of the heating and air conditioning in your home from your mobile device remotely. In this way, you will be able to program the air conditioning systems before arriving at your home: for example, in winter you can turn on the heating a few hours before to avoid raising the temperature drastically. Linked with savings in energy bills, having a natural gas rate with low prices helps a lot.
  • Thanks to the application of sensors and IoT devices in homes, the lighting installation of the home can be automated so that the lights only turn on when people are detected in the rooms. In the same way, the blinds of a home can be controlled according to between less or more natural light and thus make the most of it.

All these practices help to make efficient consumption of home energy, thus improving its energy efficiency and achieving substantial savings in electricity and natural gas bills at the end of the month, as this article indicates . But this is not all! With these home automation systems you can control what you consume at all times, thus being able to plan when to consume more or less and at what times it is more profitable to do so.

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