SSD Disks To Step On The Accelerator Of Your Computer

SSD Disks To Step On The Accelerator Of Your Computer

SSD Disks : From those floppy disks of 3 1/2 of low density with capacities that today are derisory (720 kb) to the SSD disks that are analyzed here mediate a few years, just over twenty, but a whole technological abyss.

In between, to summarize, we have gone through the CD, the pen drive or the hard drive with a data capacity unthinkable just a few years ago.

Not to mention the price reduction. To get an idea, in 1993, an 80MB hard drive cost almost 200 dollars.

Today, for that price, you can buy an 8TB hard drive. To get an idea, each TB (tera) is equivalent to one million MB (megabytes).

Also, for a third of that money, you can find in the market SSD disks that, although not as much as in the case of the HDD, dramatically multiply their capacity.

What Is An SSD?

As usual, its acronym corresponds to an Anglo-Saxon acronym. In this case, Solid State Drive, that is, solid state drive. Or, more commonly, a solid hard drive.

One of its main features, as well as the traditional HHD (Hard Disk Drive) hard drive, is that it uses non-volatile memory.

To understand ourselves, what we ‘write’ on these disks does not disappear when the system is turned off.

Basically the SSD does the same thing as an HDD, but storing data on interconnected flash memory chips allows data to be preserved even when there is no power.

Flash memory is already commonly used in devices such as smartphones or MP3s to the detriment of the hard disk drive.

It is also most commonly used in the most modern laptops and in table terminals its expansion is also unstoppable.

The reasons derive from the fact that flash memory is more advantageous mainly in two aspects: ability to compact and, as already anticipated, in the energy behavior.

Samsung 860 EVO: Computer Resuscitator

Rarely does a computing device garner so much support among users.

An effective read and write accelerator for the computer at a more than reasonable price for the optimal results that are perceived as soon as you install it.

To all the qualities of these albums adds another of great importance.

The Korean brand has its own program (Data Migration) that allows the operating system itself to clone the disk to the new SSD in a short time and without problems.

It also solves one of the steps that can be more delicate since its assembly in the terminal is usually quite simple.

In any case, given the importance of this action, it is quite advisable to document yourself before how the installation is according to the computer model.

In the case of laptops, if it is a model already with some years, the installation of this disc rejuvenates them in a spectacular way.

The jump in speed, boot and internet browsing improves radically.

In fact, it comes to halve the waiting time until you start working on the computer.

Few or no criticisms of its technical qualities, but very common and accentuated in the case of the packaging due to the lack of padding and protection of the envelope.

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Kingston A400 SSD SA400S37: Speed At A Good Price

A cheaper alternative with optimal value for money.

Of course, it must be clear that the disc comes without more, that is, everything necessary for its installation such as the support, very important to look carefully at which is suitable, cable or screws must be purchased separately.

Nor does it seem a great inconvenience because in the essential, give more speed to computer equipment, meets satisfactorily for a price, as we have said, very economical.

The speed adds, as is the general rule in these SSDs, to be extremely silent.

The difference in start-up, especially if installed on older models, changes for the better as from night to day.

Another of its most valued features refers to the time that is reduced in the downloads of the network.

You can’t say that its capacity is a weak point because, obviously, when it is acquired you are aware of it.

However, it is convenient to weigh in advance what exactly is sought with this step to solid unity.

In this way, if it is only going to be used for the operating system it is left over. On the other hand, if you also plan to install programs or games, it may be more advisable to opt for another one with more space.

SanDisk Extreme: Size As A Badge

In addition to the technological assets of this segment, this model adds a very striking exterior such as its small size and also its low weight.

Within the technical features it should also be noted that it includes an encryption software that is very useful.

It should be remembered that this type of software allows you to protect any type of digital information in a simple way.

Due to its characteristics, it is especially advisable for the storage and editing of high-resolution photos or videos simply by connecting it externally to the terminal (configured for both Windows and Mac).

As complements to take into account it is accompanied by cables with different inputs and an adapter if necessary.

Crucial MX300: Almost Supersonic

Very good results, although at a significantly higher price.

It should also be noted that the speed also exceeds the average, that is, if you have economic margin and you are impatient, the difference is in the time you gain in the start, in reading and in writing.

The boot is not instantaneous, but almost. If the device is applied to a computer with a lot of life behind it, the change will be spectacular.

It includes a practical adapter to facilitate the change of disk regardless of the laptop model.

Thus, it is 7 mm thick as standard, but you can gain two more with this piece if the gap for installation is larger.

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