Online Or Offline Marketing?

Online Or Offline Marketing?

Online Or Offline Marketing :Do you prefer traditional over digital? Thanks to offline marketing, a greater number of buyers can be obtained in the most classic way possible. In this article we explain the different strategies that exist to achieve a large number of benefits for your company.

Advantages of offline marketing

  • offline marketing agencies
  • Clients only offline
  • Comunicare and online and offline marketing campaigns

Strategies For Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is making your services and products known but in a more traditional way, nothing digital. For example, via posters, advertisements in traditional media, etc.

1. Use mass media

Television, print media and radio are among the first communication channels, therefore they are the first to reaffirm themselves on the offline marketing side. One of its clear advantages is the massification of the message.

When you think of any of these media, you think of reaching as many people as possible. So detect your target audience and the time slots with the greatest reach, in order to generate a greater number of impressions and make your communication more efficient and, of course, more profitable.

2. Street advertising

One of the most traditional ways is by giving out brochures or advertising posters about your brand on the street. Tactic tha pHt works against the more creative and the more reach your advertising has.

From performances, artistic exhibitions such as dance and music, to simply the famous “flipping” are some tools used in Street marketing. Creating new ways to communicate in this medium will make you gain important ground.

3. Sponsor events

Your followers must have many characteristics in common and you must detect them so that your brand is present.

Music, sports, social causes, among many others, are spaces that can help you get closer to your audience through an offline marketing technique. Analyse objectives, question alliances, analyze their scope and duration, finally, stop at the results and if they show positive numbers, repeat the tactic. 

A clear example of this is the RedBull energy drink brand that promotes events where the majority of its buyers (young people or athletes) participate.

4. Direct Marketing

Direct  marketing  is very useful to be able to personify messages, generate closeness and affinity with people. The first thing you should keep in mind is that it is a widely used medium and on many occasions it is perceived as boring and monotonous, reaching the point that people omit the messages. 

It is for this same reason that creativity plays a fundamental role in ideas; look for difference, stand out and seek to generate differential and engaging communication. Example: the workers of Aldeas Infantile, who directly speak with the client and they have to convince them that it is a good idea to invest in that project.

5. Advertising in print

You can do it in directories, to publicise your company’s services or in newspapers and magazines, with a creative and striking message.

It is a traditional but effective method to make yourself known and reach a number of users with real needs, since they are the ones who are looking for advertising space.

Advantages Of Offline Marketing

The positioning of brands in traditional media continues to have a  large audience  to reach.

There are still a number of people who haven’t jumped into the digital world and it’s important to continue to reach those kinds of people, through traditional media and print advertising.

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