Mobile With Dual SIM or General? What Do You Prefer?

Mobile With Dual SIM or General? What Do You Prefer?

We know that most phones can only have one SIM card. But there are also so-called dual SIM or dual SIM. You can add 2 phone cards from the same or different companies to this type of device.

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The advantage of this is that you can have 2 telephone lines with the advantages that this has and how I will now explain to you. But it also has disadvantages that you should know.

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Advantages Of a Dual SIM

Who have been a user of this type of terminal, tell you that they have many advantages.

One personal and one personal line

The main use of a dual SIM is that you can have 2 separate lines .

For example, a personal one that is the main one that we all usually have.

And another professional for your work and that will save you carrying 2 mobile phones.

You save buying more terminals

The bad thing about having 2 phones is that you will surely have one broken from time to time.

This makes you have to call technical service every time it breaks down.

Or buy every 2 for 3 another terminal, since you are not going to leave a line turned off.

You may even have to take another stay if you take them out for a company.

Take advantage of the 2 data rates

Today there are companies that offer several free lines when a bundled offer is contracted.

The nice thing about this one is that if you have data in both, you can always pull the other by making a small change in the settings.

You could also use it to call, but I don’t think you want to mix up phone numbers.

Memory card slot

In the event that you do not take advantage of the second slot for a while, all is not lost.

In many terminals it can be used to put a memory card and use it as external storage.

As you can see, they are all advantages!

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Disadvantage Of a Dual SIM

Obviously this is not going to be all advantages.

Phones that have more than one SIM card also have their disadvantages.

If it breaks you are left without 2 lines

By having both phone numbers in the same terminal. If it breaks, then we are left without using the 2 lines 

I think that is the biggest drawback of this type of terminal.

Although it is true that the duration of these today is usually long if we take care of it and we are lucky.

They are not usually sold by operators

Although it is true that some operators usually offer some dual SIM terminals. Most do not usually offer them or not the model you are looking for.

So you will surely have to buy it free and pay the purchase money. But look at it for the good part. In this way you will not have a commitment to stay.

What Do You Think? Dual SIM or Normal?

As you have seen, the decision is more out of necessity than anything else. If you move in the professional field, I have no doubt that a dual SIM is what you need.

If you want it for a particular use, it is up to you to decide.

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