Everything About Mobile And Tablet IP Certificates

Everything About Mobile And Tablet IP Certificates

We’re sharing our thoughts on IP certificates in the article. Perhaps you have ever heard of IP certificates in reference to a mobile phone or tablet, and surely you have not stopped to think about what it means.

And it is what, there are so many acronyms today to refer to so many things that it is difficult to know all of them.

Well, in this article we are going to talk about and explain everything related to these IP certificates, so that when you buy a mobile and read it, you know exactly what they are referring to.

What are IP certificates?

The acronym IP what they mean is: International Protection , in English. What would be the security of said mobile terminal, which has to meet the standard protection standards of IEC 60529.

The number that accompanies the acronym IP is the one that defines the level of protection that the mobile has against the entry of external materials, based on the equipment and the materials with which it is manufactured.

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What Does The First Number Mean?

As I have commented, the initials IP are accompanied by two numbers. The first of these refers to the protection of the mobile phone against solid objects . Normally with this number we refer to the powder.

This number can range from 0 to 6, with 0 being zero protection and 6 being total protection. In reality, between protection 0 and 4, our mobile would be exposed to the entry of dust between 1 and 50mm.

Numbers 5 and 6 indicate that dust cannot enter. What do we look for when buying a mobile phone.

And The Second Number?

Well, if the first referred to solid materials, this time the second digit of the IP certificate refers to protection against water . This number can range from 0 to 9K.

In this case, different types of protection against water are distinguished, since it can be dripping water, jets, complete immersion or high temperature jets.

From 0 to 3, dripping water would be included . From 4 to 6 it would be protection against water jets . Numbers 7 and 8 already protect against complete immersion of the device.

And finally, the 9K refers to protection against high-temperature water jets.

If you want to know more exactly the protection of each number, on Wikipedia there is a table that clearly indicates the protection offered by each number.

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Types Of Certificates In Android

Once we are clear about what the mobile IP numbers mean, we are going to see what types of certifications we can find when buying a phone.

And it is that, as you can well imagine, not all phones have protection for everything. For this reason, there are currently, for example, covers that protect from water.

We can find mobiles that only have protection against water, avoiding the entry of possible solid materials. How to know the mobiles that only have protection against water?

Water protection

These terminals have a certificate of this type: “IPX7”. As you can see, the first digit does not exist, so protection against solid elements cannot be established.

While, in this case, it has a 7 in water protection, which indicates that it can even be submerged.

Dust protection

Contrary to what we have just explained, we can also find phones that have protection against dust and not against water. It’s rare these days, as more and more phones are designed to get wet.

But it could be the case. And this time it would be the other way around, we would find a phone that was for example: IP5X.

Protection for both

We can also find phones that have protection for both but without highlighting either, that is, we can find a mobile with IP43 protection.

That is, it would have some protection against solid elements and against dripping water.

There are other types of devices that can vary their degree of IP certification, depending, for example, on whether they have the lid open or closed.

In these cases, you can find phones that extend their protection against water or dust by closing the lid, for example.

And finally, you can also find mobile phones that obtain a complete or total degree of protection . That is, they have the maximum IP certification for both solid materials and water.


So, as you can see, this type of acronym allows you to know what and to what extent a mobile phone is protected against. It is undoubtedly very useful and all mobile terminals have that nomenclature.

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