What Are Smartphones And What Are Their Functions?

What Are Smartphones And What Are Their Functions?

Surely you have taken a walk down the street and have seen many people with their eyes fixed on a device that looks like a smartphones but with a very large screen and no buttons. Have you ever wondered what is it? Or what is an iPhone? , or what is an iPad? , or even what is Android? .

If you are one of those who have ever asked these questions and still do not fully know the answers, this is your article.

What Are Smartphones And Tablets?

We are not going to get into the history of how these devices were born or how they have managed to reach the pockets of billions of users around the world, since that is something that they have earned on their own merits, but in knowing what they are. these devices, what are they for and what can they offer for someone like you.

First of all, we must differentiate Smartphones , also known as Smartphones, from Tablets , since Smartphones are mobile phones with many modern and useful functions; While Tablets or Digital Tablets are small ultra-thin computers that are used to perform various tasks. The iPhone or mobile phones with software Android They are smart mobile phones that offer the user thousands of functions, such as, for example, they can check their email from the device itself, chat, see the status of their social networks, use WhatsApp, see the weather tomorrow, events in their calendar and an almost infinite etcetera of functionalities.

Now you may wonder, how had I not known it before? .Well, it’s weird, yes, because thousands of new devices from Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android are activated every day all over the world.

But we not only have these functionalities, but as I say they can be almost infinite, because they have their own stores where we can buy or download all kinds of mobile applications or video games for free in a matter of seconds. These distribution channels are known as Google Play (formerly known as Android Market) for Android and the App Store for Apple devices. 

In them we can get APPS (short for applications , from English applications) that can be developed and distributed by any person or company that is dedicated to the development of mobile applications . This opens up a wide range of possibilities, sinceCreatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world publish a huge number of APPS daily that we can access if we have a smartphone or digital tablet from these systems. In this way, these devices are divided and work through applications that we install in it, expanding the functionalities of the device, so that when we acquire a Smartphone or Tablet for the first time, we are not aware of the immense potential that we have in our hands, of hence the key to its success.

What Are They Normally Used For And What Can You Offer Us?

As you can imagine after reading these lines, the possibilities can cover different areas, for example if you are an office worker you can check email while traveling on the metro and make calls from the same device; 

If you are a housewife you can fill out the shopping list, compare prices of the different supermarkets in your area, see your favorite recipes in the Canalcocina and check on the map where is a new store that you want to visit; you can carry out daily tasks such as seeing the weather tomorrow, buying in online stores from its APP that is available to download for your Smartphone or Tablet ; if you are even a tourist you can go listening to music while traveling, take photos of your trips , download a tourist guide to visit the city (like the Cádiz bicentennial tourist guide that we develop ) and at the same time share those photos on social networks; thus up to a large number of options.

Do You Have The Soul Of An Entrepreneur ?

Surely you are coming up with thousands of ideas to exploit this important market or you have an online store and would like to have an app for your online store, we advise you to go through our mobile application development section where we talk about everything you need to know to start in the mobile applications sector , and now that you know a little more about how it works .. why wouldn’t you like to miss out on this new world?

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