Loyalty Marketing: Discover More In Detail About Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing: Discover More In Detail About Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty Marketing : “It’s much cheaper to retain a customer than to get a new one.” How many times have you heard this statement? Surely many, and it is because it is completely true. Numerous studies show that attracting new buyers means investing up to six times more than what is necessary to maintain their loyalty .

What is one of the great axioms of marketing is also applicable to businesses that operate in a digital environment . In this area, a satisfied customer has a high probability of repeating a purchase, recommending a certain e-commerce to their closest circle or paying for a Premium service. That is why more and more digital businesses are betting on the development of loyalty marketing tactics .

In this new post, we will analyze what it is and the benefits it can bring to your business, in addition to recommending some strategies that you can put into practice to retain your customers.

What Is Loyalty In Digital Marketing?

Loyalty Marketing (or Loyalty Marketing) is closely linked to Strategic Marketing, a discipline that focuses on the analysis and knowledge of the market. Through its application, a company allocates resources to retain its current customers , seeking a high degree of satisfaction that makes them loyal in the long term and serves as an engine for attracting new ones.

Its formal origin is usually located in the 80’s . In 1981, the airline company American Airlines launched the advantage program , through which its customers accumulated points based on the kilometers travelled on their flights. Some points that could later be exchanged for new tickets. A very famous case, object of study in all marketing schools and which represents the first loyalty program with a modern approach .

Its resounding success (it is still active today) made many other companies from all kinds of sectors bet on the development of similar programs. Something that has also been transferred to businesses with a purely online focus , which have made this technique a strategic pillar.

What Role Does Loyalty Play In A Digital Marketing Strategy?

In general, loyalty in digital marketing consists of developing a positive relationship between consumers and the marketing brand. Its objective is that the first ones continue buying the products or services that your company sells. Nurturing and nurturing this bond over time is a great way to maximise the chances of repeat purchases in the future.

In fact, digital marketing presents an ideal scenario for its application. And it is that one of its great advantages lies in the possibility of measuring any aspect of our business . Today we have a multitude of tools to analyze the behavior of our customers.

We can examine the time they spend in our online store, the areas that capture their interest, the best-selling items or those that generate the highest number of inquiries, most requested complementary products, etc.

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