Instagram Survey Ideas For Your Business Brand

Instagram Survey Ideas For Your Business Brand

Instagram Survey : Have you ever wondered how much you’re taking advantage of Instagram? Posting constantly is a great way to gain visibility, but you must also be versatile in terms of your content and formats.

More than 400 million users post stories every day on Instagram; It is a popular format thanks to the fact that in a few seconds a message is issued and a great interaction with the community occurs.

One of the contents that can serve you most in your stories for its functionality are the surveys. Here we will tell you what they consist of and give you some ideas to generate your own Instagram surveys to boost your brand.

What Are Instagram Surveys?

Instagram surveys are an original way to interact with a community on this social network. They use creativity to connect with people through stories in which an image or video asks a type of question or poll to generate a reaction or comments.

Although the format is simple, it connects very well with people, who are willing to participate with other people or brands.

What are Instagram surveys for?

These questions for Instagram humanize a brand, so they generate emotions that create links with the community. It also awakens curiosity, the impulse to be part of something and assert an opinion.

Surveys help you develop different content quickly. They serve to generate engagement or interactions and a positive brand perception. Another essential function is the active listening of your audience, in which there are prospects, customers and ambassadors, so you can get to know your community a little more and make better decisions.

This type of content encourages interaction because it is dynamic, which helps to gain visibility and reach.

You can also use surveys to generate web traffic, showcase products, promote launches, publicize services, and more, because questions on Instagram are flexible.

Open-ended question Instagram survey

This type of question leaves the space open for it to be answered freely; it is useful for interacting with an audience. In the example, a mobility and transportation company asks about what they usually hear when traveling.

In these types of surveys, try to find a topic that is relevant to your community and that connects with your brand so that it makes sense.

Four-choice Instagram survey

This is one of the most used surveys on Instagram for its versatility, as it adapts to any brand or situation. It is a format that motivates people to participate because it is very easy to give an answer.

In the example, a language school takes advantage of the survey to encourage interaction with a community interested in learning English.

Instagram survey to promote service

Instagram surveys can be used as a hook or a magnet to attract attention and promote a service. In this example, a creative agency is not so much interested in the answer (it seems logical to think that the first option is the one that the majority will choose) as in arousing the curiosity of people who see the survey in the story.

The next step will be for those who go beyond answering the survey and seek information about the services that the agency can offer.

Instagram survey for engagement

In this case, the survey is only a pretext to generate engagement with the audience, because the answers represent the same action. With this content, Coca-Cola seeks to announce its presence in the popular video game Fortnite.

Again we see a creative use of the survey to get people’s attention.

Product Instagram Survey

This type of survey is useful for those brands that have a diversity of products; as in this case, where we talk about the different flavors of drinks. By asking the community which one they prefer, the brand achieves two things at once: on the one hand, promoting its products and, on the other, knowing more about its audience in terms of their tastes.

Knowing more about the audience helps generate actions by taking their feedback into account. For example, this brand of soft drinks will be able to know which is the best positioned flavor among people and could guide its communication with the image of that flavor.

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