All You Need To Know About Social Networks

All You Need To Know About Social Networks

Social networks flood our lives, in such a way that it seems that they are not in any of them to be something more than a freak. There is no doubt that social networks provide a great deal of satisfaction. They keep us in touch with family and friends.  Also, it helps us to recover people we had lost track of. Not to mention that they allow us to interact with people from all over the world or even with celebrities.

Social networks, or rather, its explosion begins well into the first decade of the second millennium. Facebook was developed in 2004, Twitter in 2006 and other networks such as Instagram made their appearance in 2010. Later, others such as TikTok or Clubhouse have arrived . Even those looking for work or business relationships have LinkedIn, the ” Facebook of work.”

But abusing social networks can have several drawbacks. Many are the people who have had enough of being permanently on display , and have given a resounding one to this type of product. Like everything in life, you have to know how to find the balance between proper use and not having that feeling of dependency. Spending too much time watching social media can lead to a feeling of slavery.

Not being on social networks also has benefits, as many as being part of them. For this reason, we have collected what are the 5 fundamental reasons for not belonging to any type of social network.

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Social Networks

The first one is related to your own peace of mind. If you belong to a social network, you should always be aware of communicating something to your followers. If you go a long time without posting anything, people will lose interest in following you. Yes, social media is a kind of slavery. Not being part of them avoids having to be aware of having to publish something. You don’t always feel like doing it.

In the same way, social networks make us spend time watching them. Many times we are not doing anything productive, we begin to review the walls of our friends and see content that is not giving us anything new. In short, they waste our time. If this is your case and you think you have lost control, it is best to unsubscribe and spend all that time doing other types of tasks. Or simply, dedicate it to doing nothing.

Social media is also a major distraction. For those who are preparing an opposition or are in a delicate moment of studies , social networks have a lot of danger. Without the risk of wanting to be very radical, deleting them is not a bad option, but you can always take some time off temporarily. You can exclude yourself from them and come back later if you wish.

Being on social networks also means being exposed. This does not have to have any negative connotation, but not everyone is prepared for certain details to be aired or some photos or videos to be shown. What’s more, there are people who use social networks without any type of control and who pour content that can harm them.

We must always follow the same maxim, what you do not want to be known, never publish it on networks. There are places like Twitter where it is very easy to have an open war with any user and for any reason.  If you do not know how to keep melee, it is best not to get into provocations.

Finally, social media applications are not characterized by being light , they take up a lot of space and resources on our mobile devices. By not being part of any of them, you avoid having applications on your phone that do a lot of harm in battery management. It may seem like a fairly trivial matter, but going light always pays off. At least, if you want to keep your profile on social networks, but you don’t want to be so vigilant, the best measure is to delete them from your mobile device. You can always consult them when you sit in front of the computer.

Bonus Track, Privacy

These 5 reasons may have a very important point in this last aspect that we are going to talk about. 

There are social networks that have been characterized by bad practices in terms of privacy levels. Very famous was the case of Facebook, fined 5,000 million dollars in 2018 for the Cambridge Analytica scandal. What is the treatment of our data? Are you surprised to be continually bombarded by advertising? A person who appreciates their privacy, or who at least wants to keep them in good health, should consider whether being on social media is going to pay off or not. It is not intended to cast a negative image of them, Nor do you think about stopping using them. Simply ask if they are giving you something positive in your life or, if on the contrary, it is a slab from which to break free.

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