Hybrid Work And Its Impact

Hybrid Work And Its Impact

Hybrid Work : In fact, 2020 was the year of quarantines and lockdowns that resulted in the boom in telecommuting and distance learning. But once the worst part of the crisis is over and with a view to returning to normality, a new modality appears on the horizon: hybrid work.

What Is Hybrid Work 

The definition of “hybrid” refers to a being or object made up of two or more elements of the same nature. Hybrid work can occur in 50-50 or 70-30 and even 90-10 ways, depending on the needs of the company and the type of role that the workers in the workforce occupy.

Thanks to new technologies and the popularization of the remote, more and more companies are opting for this type of management strategy and are even risking decentralizing their workforce.

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One of the reasons why the hybrid work experience arises is to mitigate the disadvantages that the 100% remote performance model generates. Although it is true that workers prove to be more efficient outside traditional workspaces, the aspect that suffers the most is the social or human aspect.

Without colleagues around with whom to interact, the linking function that fulfills the fact of being inserted in a job is lost. And with this, the internal dynamics are harmed and therefore the culture of the company can also suffer strong changes that are not always positive.

Another aspect that is also damaged by working 100% remotely is the balance between work and personal life, which can lead to serious scenarios of job stress and burnout.

According to a report presented by the giant Microsoft, more than 70% of employees want remote work options to continue in some form after the end of the pandemic. While in the opposite direction, 65% say they need more time in person with their teams.

In the same sense and, not a minor fact, the future generation or what we already know as centennials or generation Z (those who are between 18-25 years old).

A survey called Work Trend and carried out by the firm Edelman Data x Intelligence, sampled some 31,000 full-time or self-employed workers in 31 markets.

  • Feeling involved with their work ( employee engagement ) 16%.
  • Express their opinions during meetings by 16%.
  • Contribute ideas and initiatives and have them taken into account 14%.

It turns out that for the management of young talent, traditional forms of work do not respond or are consistent with the way in which these digital natives relate to each other and to their environment.

  • 58% of workers expect to work from home less than eight hours a day in the near future.
  • 98% report great disagreement with conducting video calls from home.
  • 97% demand changes to achieve safer work environments.

In this HR Pill, we have managed to summarize in a few minutes the most important concepts that you cannot help but know about the mixed performance methodology.

Hybrid Work Vs Telecommuting

But to better understand what this modality is about, it is necessary to be able to have an understanding or a “mental picture” of how the different aspects are managed under one or another working methodology.


Although both are capable of using and compatible with internal communication platforms, in remote work there is a consensus and a single common communication channel for all workers and teams. This may imply the demands of specific strategies for this purpose.

However, in this scenario, only those employees who can adapt well to remote work can perform better.


The contract makes an exception and that is that work performed outside the office must exceed 30% of the day. For this reason, a hybrid work model removes the weight of having to add new document management to the HR department as well as being more comfortable and practical for the staff.

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