High Tech And Security: How To Protect Your Computer?

High Tech And Security: How To Protect Your Computer?

Protect Your Computer : In the 21st century , everyone is in contact with technology. In addition, Internet access is offered at affordable prices. If the use of computers is no longer a secret, their protection remains an area poorly understood by the vast majority. In this post, you will learn why and how to protect your computer.

Why Protect Your Computer?

Many people handle their computers without ever asking the question of how it can expose them or harm them. This casualness is particularly associated with the completely democratic nature of the Internet today with providers who offer interesting packages such as the internet pro offer . 

What you need to know is that every Internet user has a risk of being hacked or simply picking up viruses that will give them a very bad time. It is essential to protect your computer to preserve your privacy and to save your data.

Even if it’s not shouted from the rooftops, know that in 2017 alone in France, companies detected 4772 cases of computer security breaches, which corresponds to an average of 12 cases each day. This is a 9% increase compared to 2016. Also in 2018, almost 50% of companies lost money due to cybercrime. These cases continue to increase because cybercrime is an ever-changing sector. Hackers are on the lookout for each new system to crack, penetrate or at least break down. 

In business, the risk is greater because through hacking, confidential data can be stolen or damaged. Worse still, money can be embezzled. Some types of viruses are not even detectable by simple antiviruses. As soon as they are on your computer, they work like Trojan Horses and give access to your system. 

Thus, the hacker who targeted you can directly access all your programs. It can copy your accounts, get your code numbers, all your passwords, photos, videos, etc. Basically, it can access all your personal stuff. It is therefore essential to guard against these risks by protecting your PC.

How Do You Infect Your PC?

Most people think they are safe enough and safe. This is absolutely false. Here is a list of behaviors that put you at risk.

  • Be satisfied with having an up-to-date anti-virus or not;
  • Install compromised software;
  • Visit suspicious websites;
  • Download and install any freeware;
  • Do not update computer software and operating system;
  • Do not install firewalls.

How To Protect Your PC?

To protect your computer from viruses and other malware, follow the recommendations below.

  • Install Malwarebytes to first remove all malware already present in the PC (also  Glary Utilities and CCleaner software );
  • Install up-to-date anti-virus and firewalls;
  • Regularly update the operating system and also the installed programs and software;
  • Install a hosts file to block compromised sites (WOT, Blockulicious);
  • Set a password for each PC account;
  • Test its security with “Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer” or “Symantec Security Check” (online analysis).

Most flaws created on computers are due to negligence. All it takes is a little vigilance and goodbye to hacking and viruses.

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