Customer Experience In The Digital Age

Customer Experience In The Digital Age

Customer Experience : While the hype of digital transformation is all the rage, companies around the world are busy introducing ever more innovative solutions to transform the way they operate. Yet too often, transformation strategies focus on adopting technologies, platforms, and process automation without fully considering their impacts on customers or how they interact with businesses.

In many organizations, the primary goal of new solutions seems to be to rectify internal problems and streamline internal processes. Customers are therefore often confronted with a chat bot or a basic online portal: neither is really revolutionary and useful in itself. We’re sharing our views on customer experience in the digital age.

Customer Empowerment In The Digital Age

Most customers, especially in the IT field, don’t want to be “delighted”. They just want solutions that are easy to use.

To put it simply, provisioning connectivity or cloud storage should be as simple as pre-ordering on the Starbucks app to pick up your steaming cup of coffee five minutes later.

This would help build long-term relationships that would make these people increasingly ‘loyal’ customers.

Today, B2C companies set the bar very high when it comes to customer experience and companies should learn from them.

Especially for the two giants of the technology industry: Amazon and Google, which excel in the seamless and effortless omnichannel customer experience. This further strengthens the loyalty of these companies’ customers.

Indeed, the customer can choose the type of relationship he has with these companies and the depth of his commitment. Thus, he can use Google to search for a hotel in New York or share files on Google Docs. To take it to the next level, he can choose to invite Google to his home using a smart speaker.

A Solution

The key is that it’s easy to deal with Amazon and Google, and we customers are defining the relationship so that we feel like we’re in control. To be able to choose freely, to define our desires without constraint.

Customer-focused businesses like these also have the advantage of gaining in-depth knowledge of how people use their services. Thus, they can use this data to improve their services and develop new ones that are even more efficient. This fuels the ongoing transformation of the business.

More simply, the better and more rewarding the experiences customers have, the more likely they are to remain loyal and participate in the ecosystem.

Objective: Harness The Power Of Data

As data continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, both at work and at home, businesses should better leverage it to create personalized and frictionless customer experiences.

For example, a mobile application for selling clothes could be based on the last orders of a customer to offer him more directly a selection of articles that he would be likely to buy and thus generate a new order. This will increase customer engagement and consolidate the brand image of the brand in the eyes of the customer!

Today, what matters is knowing the number of steps required for the customer to obtain the service or solution they want. The shorter the trip, the less effort, the happier the customer will be and the greater the return on the cost of sale.

This is fundamental for the success of companies that begin their digitalization today. The seamless and effortless customer experience will increasingly determine whether the customer will remain loyal to the brand. It will also determine whether the customer will recommend the brand to those around him.

In short, if brands are interested in the engagement relationship of their customers, this will create a dynamic that will result in increased revenue in the long term.

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