Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce

Everything You Need To Know About Ecommerce

According to data collected by UNO, Logistics and Transport Business Organization, ecommerce strategies has increased by 50% since the confinement began. It should be noted that it has not affected all sectors in the same way. Food companies (+168%) and pharmacies are the ones that have fully experienced this growth. But as the de-escalation progresses, other types of sectors are benefiting from it, such as: sports, decoration, gardening.

Many entrepreneurs have long been committed to multi-channel, O2O, offline to online or online to offline , attracting customers from the physical establishment to the web or vice versa. 

The changes suffered due to COVID-19 have reinforced and consolidated this idea. Companies that did not have a digital presence have been forced to have one to keep the consumption of their products or services alive and others have emerged from scratch, being born only online. Consumers have had a lot of time during confinement to research, find new brands and products, compare prices, offers, features. Consumers have become experts, which means that they have become more demanding consumers than before the lockdown.  

What Do Consumers Value When Consulting An ecommerce ?

The two things most valued by consumers when choosing an ecommerce strategies are: the trust that it transmits to them and the added value that it provides.

  • Trust : Trust plays a fundamental role when buying, both now and before confinement. A brand has to convey reliability so that consumers accept and are interested in its products or services. The first thing consumers look at is that the brand is reliable and gives them confidence.
  • Added value : Consumers are not only looking for a purchase, they are looking for something else, a recommendation, advice, something that makes them feel close to the brand and important, unique.

What Benefits Does An Ecommerce Bring To Your Business?

  • You have no geographical limitations . Depending on the size of the business, you can limit shipments or availability of the service at the national level, but whenever you want and can, you can reach everyone in the world.
  • Offer more range of products.
  • More consumer information . Through the evaluations we will have all kinds of information. What we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, the tastes of consumers, their requests, desires. All this information will allow us to improve and offer what is really interesting for the consumer.
  • Offer more information about the product or service to customers. Customers will be able to compare different products or services according to their characteristics and select the one that really meets their needs.
  • Sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year . Always open, no matter what time it is or what day it is. One of the biggest advantages of an ecommerce is the freedom for consumers to make a purchase.

What Will Happen To Trade When The Confinement Ends?

The ” online shop windows ” is the new reality of companies, hence the importance of having an ecommerce strategies . No expert has commented on what will happen when we fully return to the new normal, but consumers are not going to be the same, they have become accustomed to new purchasing habits and have become more demanding.

During this stage, many companies have made the digital leap, but very few have prepared themselves and have designed a previous strategy so that everything works, not only when demand is very high. Something that is clear, being on the Internet provides a greater probability of purchase, but also a greater number of competitors

For this reason, we must think beyond creating an ecommerce , this strategy must be accompanied by more things so that everything works in harmony. For example, develop an SEO strategy, create and nurture social channels, if we don’t have them, and if we have them now more than ever, we have to promote them and get the most out of them, invest in digital advertising, etc. In short, have a clear and powerful Digital Marketing Plan .

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