All You Need To Know About Business-To-Business (B2B) eCommerce

All You Need To Know About Business-To-Business (B2B) eCommerce

We will discuss business-to-business eCommerce in the article. The eCommerce between companies has taken a giant leap as a result of the difficulties generated by Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, online business relationships have increased substantially, as has been published by multiple media since the beginning of the year, when the Covid spread throughout the world.

But without face-to-face fairs in sight, the cancellation of events and the commercial disorientation of companies have caused the need for a change in the way of achieving the sales results expected for this year and the next. This is where digital marketing and business-to-business eCommerce comes in.

Can You Sell Without Face-To-Face Meetings?

When the face-to-face meeting was imposed in the previous normality, through sales meetings and negotiations, it was unthinkable that this process could be done remotely, especially because the buyer wanted and needed that personal contact. With the current “normality”, both parties share the same need for security and agility in their purchase / sale procedures. Because now the buyer is more interested in obtaining the same information and advantages from a distance than the seller himself.

According to a survey by the consulting firm McKinsey & Company , with the impact of Covid-19, the preference for digital purchases was twice as preferred in relation to face-to-face purchases, prioritizing self-service digital ordering methods.

Therefore, the secret to maintaining the type commercially speaking, depends on the strategies and tools that we make available to our potential clients. Although it is true that the same study also stated that 50% of B2B purchases had been postponed, this represents an opportunity for those companies that develop their own digital strategy with which to capture new markets at the expense of competition.

What is really remarkable is that 65% of those responsible who responded to the survey, affirmed that the new distance selling model was as or more effective than the previous model, so many of them affirmed that it would be maintained after the pandemic. Consequently, those who bet on eCommerce between companies during the pandemic, should not necessarily rectify a posteriori.

Practical Tips To Resist and Grow With The New Normal

The Harvard Business-To-Business Review magazine recently published a series of tips on how to continue closing business deals during the pandemic. This media claimed that companies that waited for the storm to pass without making changes would arrive too late to position themselves with a real competitive advantage.

Thus, the main recommendations Business-To-Business would go through:

Increase prospecting remotely, increasing the database, but at the same time encouraging contact with the real client by participating in their content, publications and interests in general.

Assume the trial and error in the commercial contact methods, since the new scenario is changing and unknown. You have to experiment more than ever without fear of failure or uncertainty. If you used to open more emails than today and get more responses, now you should test your contacts on social networks. Do more and better email marketing, digital advertising and try new methods of attracting leads.

Analyze the clients of our potential clients. Covid-19 has affected the market in a very unequal way and we must prioritize relationships with those clients who are guaranteed a better future and financial solvency.

Refocus on / offline offers, being more dynamic, flexible and patient with customers since now, more members of each organization will most likely participate to make any purchase.

What Tools Do We Propose To Achieve The Objectives At This Time?

The Internet is no longer an exhibition space. It is a 100% commercial channel for all companies, whether they are goods or services. The eCommerce between companies is already a reality and an indisputable trend. All products can be marketed online and relationships between companies will undoubtedly go through a multi-channel sales strategy. Therefore, we recommend that any company should:

  • Have online sales technology , 24 hours a day. through its own platform or Marketplace.
  • Offer your environment permanent online contact, using mobile or desktop devices
  • Activate the capture of leads or sales through campaigns in specialized media and social networks.
  • Increase traffic on your website, performing a content preference analysis and thoroughly analyzing your client’s profile according to the most consulted spaces on the website.

In this way, any company can refocus its strategy, directing it towards new horizons yet to be explored on its commercial path.

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