All You Need To Know About Telemarketing

All You Need To Know About Telemarketing

Lately it is often heard that telemarketing is a precarious job. There is no part of the truth in this statement, since in addition to being a job that requires a lot of psychological burden, it is poorly paid.

A telemarketing company we are going to turn this into a myth: we want happy and efficient workers (and, of course, with very decent working conditions). At the end of the day, it is the workers who keep a company standing, and it will be thanks to them too that we will be able to turn products into trusted brands. 

They are the heart of any company, large or small; they are, in short, the engine that generates movement. Therefore, it is necessary to always take into account their opinions and comments about what clients transmit to them; ask them to actively listen to users and at the same time actively listen to them; Also, it is essential to know how to motivate workers, since the passion with which a job is carried out will focus any project on a project with high gifts of humanity.

From our extensive experience in this world, we know perfectly well the frustration that a telemarketer can feel when the person on the other end of the phone yells at him or even insults him. If to this frustration we add the screams of an implacable boss, who does not attend to reasons, nor to the why of a call with a bad evaluation by the client. 

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In the end, the telemarketer will end up hating his job, will fall into the deepest of depressions and will be forced to leave due to a medical leave or will perform the work reluctantly and without paying attention, for which he will give a Bad customer experience and the customer will end up unsubscribing from the service or product in question (this leads to a great financial loss for the company).

On this site, we teach agents to deal with any objection. (We know that we cannot change the world, but we also know that each gesture of humanization counts so that the world is a better place full of respect).

And well, if you happen to be a client and need to contact any call center , remember to empathize with the person on the other end of the phone. We know that it is complicated sometimes, but please have a little patience, treat him with respect, do not yell at him and do not insult him, as this can lead to him becoming blocked and not being able to enjoy all his skills and abilities to that can help you with your question, query, purchase, etc. 

Remember that this is a person like you, who is running a job and that, perhaps, he has had to deal with many complicated calls throughout the day, or perhaps, he has a family problem and has to maintain his integrity to resolve your call. (Thank you, I know you will take my advice.)

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As for companies, what we want to offer from here against our more direct competition, is going to be a large dose of quality, which will lead us to increase sales, which must go hand in hand with good service so that customers want to stay with our brand forever. As we said before, all this is achieved with employees who are passionate about their work. 

It is a cycle, in which if we start by keeping the workers happy, they will do their job better, this will make customers receive calls with a better predisposition and they will decide to remain loyal to a brand forever (and yes, that translates into more little money, because at the end of the day, let’s not fool ourselves: we all like to hear a good humorous voice and with total disposition to help us).

Our role is not limited to being the link between company and candidate, but we are concerned with the correct development so that each worker achieves excellence in the world of telemarketing . We know that each person is unique, so we adapt to their needs through guided training sessions followed by our team.

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