What You Should Know About Javascript In 2021

What You Should Know About Javascript In 2021

The development world lives in constant innovation and although for many years the Javascript language had stabilized, and perhaps stagnated a bit until before 2015, during the past years its evolution is more than remarkable. 

If you are one of the developers who are up to date, you will surely know the news of Javascript, but if not, we present some that you should not stop taking into account and that in 2021 you can use in a stable way in most browsers.

Asynchronous Programming

  • Asynchronous programming and Ajax have long become one of the fundamental building blocks of the modern web. Javascript has many utilities when it comes to asynchronous and Ajax handling.

Fetch :

  •  It is not a novelty in the language, since it has been used for a long time, but it is not bad to remember that with “fetch” we have a modern interface for accessing resources on the server side without having to reload the page. Now it is very easy to use Ajax thanks to fetch and make requests at a high level and compatible with all modern browsers.
  • For the management of asynchronous programming, the most basic thing is to use promises, which allow us to specify the code to execute when the asynchronous behaviors have just been processed, both in the case of failures and successes.

Async / Await : 

  • It is a more recent model for programming asynchronous behaviors that allows us to write the code with a flow similar to how non-asynchronous code is written, sequentially.

New Operators

  • Among the most recent news in Javascript are several operators that you do not have to miss because they can help you make your code clearer and avoid frequent errors. These are the news that we consider fundamental and that you should not lose sight of.

Spread  : 

  • Those who use it are not capable of living without it. The spread operator is used to expand expressions of iterables, arrays, strings and even objects, so that they can be assigned as parameters in functions or as values ​​in new data structures.

Nullish Coalescing (??) : 

  • This operator allows you to assign values ​​conditionally offering a specific treatment for null or undefined values.

Optional Chaining (?.) : 

  • This operator is used to access deep values ​​of the objects without having to check if those properties really exist in the objects and, of course, without producing errors.

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New APIs

  • We cannot stop paying attention to the characteristics that browsers offer us, to squeeze the possibilities of the web platform. These are the stable APIs that you can use right now in all modern browsers and that are essential for today’s applications.

Web Components : 

  • the API that we want to highlight the most and that is already part of more than 10% of the world’s websites is Web Components, which allows us to create our own standard components with Javascript, to extend the HTML with new elements that have their own appearance and functionality. Web Components have various specifications, such as Custom Elements or Shadow DOM.
  •  In itself, it offers us features similar to those provided by libraries such as React, but only with native Javascript. If you want to know more about this Javascript standard, we have several articles from Web Components on our blog.

Dynamic Imports: 

  • Another great advantage of modern browsers is the possibility of accepting dynamic imports, which simply allow us to load and launch Javascript code at runtime, which is essential to achieve lazy load behaviors.

Service Workers :

  •  They are files resident in the browser, which can be executed in the background even if we do not have a certain page open.
  •  Thanks to the Service Workers we have things like push notifications or offline browsing. Sometimes writing a Service Worker can be complex, but fortunately there are ways to get the code you need without having to program it. The most common library to generate a Service Worker is Workbox.

Intl :

  •  Javascript has a complete API for internationalization that allows to develop multi-language pages with advanced functionalities in an agile way, for which external libraries were previously necessary.


  • We hope that this Javascript news in 2021, some not so new, will help you to investigate more about the language and you can discover new functionalities with which to enrich your applications.

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