Frequently Used Payment Methods In eCommerce

Frequently Used Payment Methods In eCommerce

Do you want to know payment methods in e-commerce? Did you know that the arrival of platforms like Amazon or eBay dates back to the last century? Time flies by, but it was the end of the 20th century when e-commerce began to hit hard, changing the way we shop. However, their total normalization came in this century, to the point that they have become the best way to buy for many people.

E-commerce is here to stay and there are rare stores that sell products to the end consumer, regardless of their size, that do not open their own online store . The motives? Well, consumers have become accustomed to buying in them because now they offer total security , both in the form of payment and in the receipt of products. In a society in which time is short and customers want to compare more and more, it is normal that this way of buying has been fully established.

The Forms of Payment Accepted By e-commerce

A few years ago, the biggest concern of customers who bought online was to know what happened to our money . But fortunately, the security offered by current e-commerce has allowed this concern to disappear and we know that the store receives the money and will send us our product . Paying with a card is the most common way, but there are other forms of payment that are becoming more and more fashionable. Do you want to know which ones?

  • Cards. We continue to bet on them, whether they are debit or credit. This payment method is very convenient because we only have to enter a few simple details and in a few minutes we are confirmed that the payment has been made and that we will receive our product soon.
  • Digital wallets. They are best known as wallets and are gaining ground on cards. These are softwares that work like a digital wallet . Who has not had a PayPal account? Well, that platform is a wallet, although now those of Google or Apple are used a lot.
  • Cryptocurrencies . What have you ever heard of bitcoins and other digital currencies? It is the new revolution in the world of commerce . It is not very widespread yet, but it looks like it is the future . The main advantages of bitcoins is that it is impossible to counterfeit it and that it is money that cannot be frozen or intervened. But there is still a shortage of bitcoin supply.
  • Transfer. It is a rarer form of payment, but in many e-commerce they allow it and it is still used . The e-commerce does not send the product until it receives the bank transfer.
  • Cash on delivery. We can say that this formula is on the way to extinction, as there are fewer and fewer e-shops that allow it since they would charge the product when it is delivered. Some small and newly created online stores still do so to retain new customers.

What payment methods do you allow in your e-commerce? Study which of them give you the best guarantees and be open to the new technologies that arrive. And, if you still don’t have your online store but you plan to open it , compare the best payment methods for you.

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