Military Long-range Monocular Telescope, Reviews And Comparison

Military Long-range Monocular Telescope, Reviews And Comparison

Buying a long-distance monocular telescope is a real Chinese headache given the proliferation of models on the market. Both popular with professionals and individuals, this accessory has never been so trendy and brands are developing more and more innovative models. 

Faced with such prolific offers, questions arise: how to choose the right military long-distance monocular telescope? What budget should be set aside for the purchase of such a sophisticated instrument? What types of use is it intended for? This is what we will discover in this review and comparison of the best military long-distance monocular telescopes!

3 Best Military Long-Distance Monocular Telescopes Passed To The Test Bench

Although it is a sophisticated instrument based on the latest generation technologies, the military long-distance monocular telescope is within the reach of all budgets. As proof, these three models for sale on Amazon and whose quality / price ratio make them our favorite telescopes to write. But without further ado, let’s find out what the strengths and cons of these long-distance monocular telescopes are!

Vortex Optics’ military long-distance monocular telescope: the best value for money on the market!

To find this first model of military monocular of our comparison, our experts went to search the catalog of Vortex Optics, a brand specialized in the manufacture of monocular telescopes. Acclaimed by a majority of users who are full of praise for it, this military long-range monocular telescope is characterized by its compact design, ease of handling and, above all, its remarkable performance.

Aimed at both professionals and amateurs, this telescope offers x10 magnification with a 36 mm lens. Very lightweight, this telescope is equipped with multiply layer lenses in order to improve the transmission of light and increase the resolution of the images collected. According to some user testimonials, this telescope makes it possible to obtain sharp and sufficiently illuminated images, regardless of light conditions.

Another strong point of this long-range military monocular telescope is its rubber armor and non-slip grip. In addition to contributing considerably to the comfort of use of the telescope, these elements give it a foolproof resistance. In addition, its manufacturer recalls that it is purged with nitrogen and that it is sealed by an O-ring in order to offer waterproof and anti-fog performance. Note to conclude that this powerful monocular comes with a utility clip to easily attach it to your equipment or on your clothes.

Shop Story’s long-distance monocular telescope: the best of the entry-level

Once limited to professionals, the monocular telescope is now accessible to the general public. But can everyone get such a sophisticated device? Against the tide of a widespread belief that the military long-range monocular telescope is a very expensive instrument, this model from the Shop Story brand proves the opposite. Available for sale for less than 40 dollars on Amazon, this long-distance monocular telescope is our favorite editor in terms of value for money.

A small price does not prevent it from being particularly efficient. According to users who have tried it in any case, this monocular telescope meets many needs, without being irreproachable. Two of its notable features: its compatibility with any type of smartphone and its versatility. Indeed, whatever the brand of your smartphone and the dimensions of the latter, you will have no trouble equipping it with this monocular telescope.

Admittedly, its performance in terms of magnification and clarity of the images collected is not comparable to that of its competitors, but for a device of its price, this telescope comes out with honors. In addition, this telescope comes with a compass, a strap, a tripod and a protective pouch so that you can take it everywhere with you. Note, however, that it is not a very resistant device and that it will be necessary to be careful not to make it inadvertently fall.

Arpbest’s long-distance monocular telescope: the high-end for professionals 

Closing this comparison without including the arpbest military long-range monocular telescope would not have been possible. And for good reason, we are dealing here with one of the best long-distance monocular telescopes of its generation and it is not our experts who will say the opposite. Intended for both professionals and individuals, this model has innovative features and is based on the latest generation technologies.

First, this monocular telescope offers a magnification of 12×50 so as to capture high-resolution images 12 times closer. On the other hand, coming with a 50mm diameter lens and a 24mm eye lens, this telescope offers a premium wide-angle view. To contemplate landscapes or better spot its prey during a hunting session, this telescope is the device you need.

On the other hand, this telescope is characterized by its resistance to any test. A durability that comes from its rubber coating, its non-slip grip and the O-ring that seals its lens. In addition to being very durable, this telescope has a waterproof and anti-fog design to use in all circumstances. Features that earn it a plethora of glowing testimonials on the majority of online sales platforms, such as Amazon.

How To Choose The Right Long-Distance Military Monocular Telescope?

Are you thinking of equipping yourself with a long-distance monocular telescope? In this case, here are some selection criteria to consider before taking out the wallet or credit card.

Optics and magnification

For images that are only as clear as accurate, make sure the monocular lens is large enough and has enough magnification to meet your needs. As an example, the models in this comparison have a magnification of 10 and 12 and the lenses with which they are equipped have a diameter of 20 to 24 mm. Figures intended them much for the dilettante than for the professional therefore.

Characteristics of the objectives

The delivered lens compatible with the monocular is another criterion to consider before buying an instrument of this kind. And for good reason, it is the quality of the lens and its size that determines the clarity, sharpness and precision of the images collected. Thus, vortex Optics’ long-distance monocular telescope has a 36 mm lens, while arpbest’s model is equipped with a 50 mm lens. The higher this figure, the better you will exploit the capabilities of the monocular.

Compatibility with smartphones

The telescopes in this comparison are intended for amateurs, it is important to be able to place them easily on your smartphone. For this purpose, we recommend that the user check the fastening system with which the model he is thinking of obtaining is equipped. Thus, the third model of our comparison has a fastening system of the latest generation compatible with any type of smartphone, regardless of its brand and dimensions.


So that a telescope does not break at the first fall and the slightest shock suffered, it is essential that it is sufficiently durable on the one hand, and well protected on the other. That’s why the majority of telescopes in this way are coated with rubber to protect them from shocks and a non-slip plug to prevent them from slipping out of the user’s hands. In case the military long-range monocular telescope you are thinking of getting is not equipped with these elements, go your way.

What Budget To Buy A Military Long-Distance Monocular Telescope?

If it was once reserved for strictly military use, the long-distance monocular telescope is now accessible to all. As proof, the three models of our comparison, whose characteristics and good value for money make them our favorite monocular telescopes to write. And as you would have noticed, these telescopes are offered at advantageous rates intended for the general public.

On average, therefore, plan a budget of 40 to 100 dollars maximum to get a good long-distance monocular telescope. Note that the price of a telescope varies on the basis of a few factors such as: the prestige of its brand, the lens it is equipped with, the magnification it is capable of, its smartphone mounting system and the quality of its manufacture in general. But rest assured, it is now possible to get a long-distance monocular telescope at a lower cost.

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